Don Jr. And Ivanka Are Eager To Run For President In 2024 If Daddy Doesn’t: Report

While Donald Trump and some of his surrogates continue to insist that the 2020 election was unfair and sue over the vote count in states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania, at least two of the president’s children are already angling to take the banner of Trumpism and run for the White House if their father chooses not to four years from now.

The Washington Post reports that some GOP campaign stalwarts are already tossing around the names of Trump’s two most high-profile kids, with Ed Rollins, a Trump ally who co-managed Ross Perot’s 1992 independent presidential bid, remarking:

“Trump’s family members — his sons Eric and Donald Jr. and his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner — are some of the central figures encouraging Trump to not accept that the race is over, the two White House officials said.

“’Donny Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump are sitting there, ready to maybe be next in line if their father goes.'”

Yes, Trump has been defeated, but Trumpism remains, and that may be the most frightening takeaway from the past four years of Donald Trump as president, according to longtime Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, who founded the anti-Trump super PAC the Lincoln Project, which produced some of the most devastating and on-point ads of the 2020 race:

“Trump has been defeated, but Trumpism has not. What Trumpism is is a statist, authoritarian ideology that’s inimical to the American precepts of democracy. It’s antithetical to America’s ideas and ideals, and it has fascistic markers. It is a cult of personality . . . and 70 million-plus people in the country were susceptible to it, to the racial antagonisms, to the assault on institutions and the rule of law, and it’s going to take a long time to deal with it.”

While Don Jr. and Ivanka may have their own designs on the White House, both are also facing some of the same obstacles that will soon become a fact of life for their father: Criminal prosecution on plethora of charges that include tax fraud and money laundering. The two, along with Eric, have been intimately involved in the workings of the Trump Organization, meaning that as corporate officers they’re on the hook for any and all crimes committed by the company.

Also, neither Junior or his sister are guaranteed of being as successful as their father. They might do well in the political arena, but they might also fail miserably, coming across as little more than spoiled rich kids trying to create yet another “career” off their father’s name, the very same thing they’ve been doing their entire lives.

Meanwhile, the Trump family and the GOP hold their breath and wait to see if the Donald himself makes another run at the presidency. If he or anyone with the last name Trump does and manages to get elected, God help us all.

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