Donald Trump Jr’s High School Yearbook Nickname And Quote Are Hilarious And Disgusting

There are few people on the face of the planet who are as disgusting and objectionable as President Donald Trump, but his namesake son is certainly in the running. Donald Trump Jr. is always looking for ways to be an ass-kissing sycophant to his old man. Maybe that’s just so he won’t be written out […]

Are Donald Trump Jr. And Kimberly Guilfoyle Engineering A Hostile Takeover Of The RNC?

Donald Trump knows he lost the 2020 election. So do Congressional Republicans. Even the Trump family is aware that the Donald got badly beaten by Joe Biden and rejected by the American people. But despite the results of the election, the Trumps are now taking steps to literally make the GOP the permanent party of […]

Don Jr. And Ivanka Are Eager To Run For President In 2024 If Daddy Doesn’t: Report

While Donald Trump and some of his surrogates continue to insist that the 2020 election was unfair and sue over the vote count in states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania, at least two of the president’s children are already angling to take the banner of Trumpism and run for the White House if their father […]

Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Question Joe Biden’s Vote Total And It’s A Spectacular Self-Own

Donald Trump Jr. desperately tried to suggest on Friday that there was no way Joe Biden could have gotten as many votes as he did, but all he accomplished was humiliating himself in front of millions on Twitter. Specifically, Junior suggested that there must have been massive voter fraud because no one believed Biden could […]

Calls For Don Jr. To Be Banned From Twitter After He Encourages ‘Total War’ Over Election Returns

It’s hard to tell who’s getting more outrageous and dangerous when it comes to the escalating rhetoric emanating from the Trump family, but Donald Trump Jr. has certainly made his bid for the dubious honor by going on Twitter and calling for “total war” over the election returns still being tabulated in six states. Here’s […]

Don Jr. Weighs In On The 2020 Election And Proves How Utterly Clueless He Is

Though it’s not a requirement that a person actually engage their brain before they post something on Twitter, it probably should be, because so many people just start typing and wind up getting endlessly mocked. Today’s example of that comes from Donald Trump Jr., who decided that he’d try to make a posting and impress […]

Don Jr. And Eric Claim Their Father Lost Arizona Due To A Bias Against…Sharpie Pens?!

Donald Trump Jr. and his brother, Eric, are trying desperately to push an absurd conspiracy theory that their father lost the state of Arizona to Joe Biden because some of the president’s supporters used Sharpie pens to fill out their absentee ballots and that led to those ballots being rejected by election officials. Yes, really. […]

Donald Trump Jr. Gets Humiliated For Posting A ‘World Map’ Of How He Expects His Daddy To Win

Intent to once again prove just how massively ignorant he is when it comes to almost every topic, Donald Trump Jr. posted a world electoral map of how he thinks the presidential race will turn out when all the votes are counted, even though only Americans are able to vote in today’s general election: Okay, […]

Don Jr’s Girlfriend Was Fired From Fox News For Sexually Harassing A Female Employee

Long before she became Donald Trump Jr’s armpiece and managed to get on the payroll of the president’s reelection campaign, Kimberly Guilfoyle was an on-air personality at Fox News. In 2018, quite suddenly, Guilfoyle left Fox, even though no one seemed to know why. Was it just so she could date the president’s son and […]

Donald Trump Jr’s Former Mistress Says Ivanka Is A ‘Lesbian On The Low’

The Trump family is a gigantic mess, and it’s not just President Donald Trump who is seeing his dirty laundry catch up with him. In late August, a former staffer on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” Noel Casler, alleged that Jared Kushner — who just so happens to be a senior adviser to the president — is […]