Don Jr. Weighs In On The 2020 Election And Proves How Utterly Clueless He Is

Though it’s not a requirement that a person actually engage their brain before they post something on Twitter, it probably should be, because so many people just start typing and wind up getting endlessly mocked.

Today’s example of that comes from Donald Trump Jr., who decided that he’d try to make a posting and impress his father with his election acumen, though all he really accomplished was bringing back bad memories and reinforcing the almost universal belief that the Trump family didn’t study very hard in school.

Oh, Junior! Are you sure you want to go down this particular walkway on Memory Lane? Especially when it’s already been established that your father received help from Russia and Putin that helped put him over the top in 2016?

Let the mockery and history lessons begin:

Here’s some free advice for Donald Trump Jr. and his entire family: Make sure your attorney is on retainer and speed dial.

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