Don Jr’s Latest Bizarre Online Video Is Giving Social Media Users ‘Creepy Vibes’

Once again, Donald Trump Jr. appears to be sending out a cry for help on social media, and instead of getting sympathy, he’s freaking people out and giving them what one Twitter user called “creepy vibes.”

Don Jr. posted a video to Instagram on Sunday evening in which he appears to be reclined in bed with a blanket pulled up to his neck as he laments that Instagram is crushing his algorithm. In other words, it’s another Trump spreading yet another conspiracy theory for which there’s zero supporting evidence:

What in the actual hell is that all about?! The guy looks like he’s sweating out a fever (did daddy give him COVID as an early Christmas present?) or heavily medicated on something they don’t dispense at a legitimate pharmacy (wink wink).

Whatever the explanation (and there has to be one, no matter how wacked out it might be), most of the people who saw the video were only to happy to share their thoughts on Traitor Tot’s surreal posting:

Feel free to head on over to Twitter and add your own thoughts on Junior’s latest cinematic masterpiece. He clearly needs the attention and won’t be happy until everyone lets him know what a complete douchebag he is.

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