Trump Reelection Campaign Claims Michigan’s Governor Is ‘Encouraging’ His Assassination

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign — much like the candidate they’re supporting — has jumped the shark and is so desperate to try and change the subject from his falling poll numbers that they’re now accusing Democratic governors of calling for him to be assassinated.

In this particular case, the Trump campaign is going after Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who two weeks ago was the subject of a plot by militia members. Those right-wing extremists, spurred on by President Trump’s hateful rhetoric, allegedly planned to kidnap and kill Whitmer. Their efforts were shut down by fast work from the FBI.

Now, however, the pro-Trump forces want us to believe that Whitmer was sending a secret message when she appeared on “Meet the Press” Sunday to speak with NBC host Chuck Todd.

According to the so-called “Trump War Room,” Whitmer had a sign on the desk behind her calling for their candidate to be killed:

There’s reaching, and then there’s going so far out on a limb that the entire tree begins to bend.

First of all, to “86” something does NOT mean assassination, as the Detroit Free Press explained:

“According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, ’86’ is slang for refusing to serve a customer. It can also mean to get rid of or throw out. The etymology for the term is disputed, explains Ben Zimmer in The Atlantic, but it has its origins in the restaurant industry to refer to menu items that are no longer available.

“For instance, if a diner ran out of eggs, a cook might yell out ’86 the eggs.’ Today, the term is commonly used in the restaurant and bar industry to refer to objectionable patrons.”

So is the Trump campaign comparing the incumbent president to eggs or an objectionable patron? If so, that’d certainly be accurate, because eggs turn rotten (like Trump) and are then highly objectionable (also like Trump).

Twitter lit up with mockery for the campaign’s absurd accusation:

The Trump War Room needs to get out more. Perhaps they could go to a restaurant if their boss hadn’t 86ed most of them by failing to control COVID-19.

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