Donald Trump Jr. Gets Endlessly Mocked After His Humiliating Arrest Record Is Made Public

The 2020 Trump for president reelection campaign keeps harping on one name more than any other when they try to attack presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden: The former vice president’s son, Hunter.

From the president to his spokespeople and family members, the cheap shots are focused squarely on Hunter Biden, especially the fact that he had a substance abuse problem years ago (which Hunter freely admits to) and that somehow he made money illegally in Ukraine and China, though they fail to provide a shred of evidence to support their specious allegations regarding his finances.

Donald Trump Jr. has been especially vocal over the past couple of months when it comes to tweeting at Hunter Biden, which makes the fact that Junior was arrested for being publicly intoxicated all the more ironic. Publicly intoxicated in New Orleans, perhaps the hardest-drinking city in the country. And at Mardi Gras, no less!

How fully trashed and obnoxiously drunk do you have to be to be arrested in New Orleans during Mardi Gras?! That’s like getting a speeding ticket at the damn Indy 500!

Malcolm Nance, a former Naval intelligence officer and frequent guest on MSNBC, made Don Jr’s humiliating arrest public on Twitter:

Yes, busted on Hillary Street! If you tried to write this as fiction, an editor would hand it back to you and say, “It’s just not believable; try again.”

And that led to others also remarking on the fact that a then-23-year-old Don Jr. was put in the slammer for being too drunk for cops in Party City USA, aka New Orleans:

Here’s an idea: The next time Junior sarcastically asks “Where’s Hunter?” on social media, perhaps we should all respond to him this way: We know where you were, Traitor Tot: In the drunk tank.

Karma is such a beautiful thing when it takes a giant bite out of someone as deserving as Junior.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. Gets Endlessly Mocked After His Humiliating Arrest Record Is Made Public

  1. jnr arrested a held in a jail cell for being a drunk might be because he has no employment. Sucks still off the taxpayer along with the rest of the beans, Princess has a look of idle waster as well all on the taxpayer.

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