Donald Trump Just Handed The Obstruction Case To Mueller On A Silver Platter

On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s top attorney, Ty Cobb, called it quits, leaving the president’s legal team, and while Cobb said he’d been planning his exit for some time, a tweet his client sent out earlier in the morning may have been the real reason.

The tweet from Trump absolutely guarantees that he will indeed be charged with obstruction of justice:

In order for obstruction of justice to be proven in court, the prosecution has to have what’s known as “corrupt intent.” In other words, the person had to have been aware that he or she was attempting to forestall or hinder an investigation. And Trump just proved that his aim is to short-circuit the Department of Justice via “the powers granted to the Presidency.” The cherry on top is he said he will be forced to “get involved.”

Game, set, and match to Robert Mueller.

Of course, this isn’t the only instance of Trump clearly obstructing justice. Here’s a few more examples of how this president has done an imitation of a lawless dictator, believing there would be no long-term consequences for him:

  • Trump tried to obtain a pledge of loyalty from former FBI Director James Comey. He did so in order to get Comey to back down on investigating Michael Flynn, who had been ousted as National Security Adviser after it was learned he was working as a foreign agent — i.e. taking money — from both Russia and Turkey.
  • The president told White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller. When McGahn refused and threatened to resign, Trump told him to forget it.

Adam Serwer had this to say in The Atlantic regarding Trump and obstruction as it relates to the president’s attempt to dismiss Mueller:

“Legal experts say that Trump’s pattern of behavior has made the case against him much stronger, because that pattern shows Trump repeatedly attempting to undercut the investigations into Russian interference and obstruction, and then in some cases misleading the public about it. That Trump was unsuccessful in firing Mueller is irrelevant—obstruction is a crime whether or not the attempt succeeds.”

And now Robert Mueller has Trump’s own words in a tweet to use against him no matter what Trump tries to do from this point forward. The president has painted himself into a corner, and there is no escape route for him. Impeachment and prosecution await Donald Trump. The clock is now ticking.


One thought on “Donald Trump Just Handed The Obstruction Case To Mueller On A Silver Platter

  1. It’s past time for Trump to be prosecuted and Impeached, he has already done enough damage to the American People and this Country, that has to be undone, the longer he and this criminal Administration stay in office he’s going to destroy as much as he can. Allow Hillary to serve out the rest of the term or reinstate President Obama, Yes it will be a first but in this situation when we have a ManChild who got in office by lying and cheating the voting system and everyone in his Administration is compromised and in one way or the other aided him in this elaborate scheme of deception. We The American People and this Country deserve much better, a message that this will not happen in The United States again, this is a nightmare that needs to end period. I’m sure there has to be enough evidence to let the house of cards fall and fall hard on all involved and none of them should never ever hold a Government Position again and also lose their retirement plans for deceiving the American People for whom they are supposed to work for, their families should not be able to live off the backs of us American People who have and are struggling every day to provide for our families. We need to take America back, and anyone holding Government office should be held to a higher standard.

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