Donald Trump Says Immigrants Are Destroying America; Middle Class Will Rebel

Donald Trump absolutely loves the sound of his own voice, which is bad for the rest of us because he’s so freaking annoying! And now he’s predicting revolution if we don’t seal the borders and keep everyone out of the United States.

While he was on “The Steve Deace Show” this week, Trump laid down his vision of the coming war in the United States, which began with him taking  cheap shots at immigrants. Check out what this racist, xenophobic windbag said:

“People are flowing into this country by the millions, not by the thousands, by the millions, and destroying the fabric of the country. We’re talking about the highest-taxed nation in the world and the middle class is just getting decimated. I mean, everybody is hitting the middle class and something has to happen because we’re not going to have a middle class or the middle class is going to do something that you and I and nobody else is going to like and who can blame them? They are getting decimated.” 

Allow me to address that blatantly untrue statement one point at a time:

First of all, the United States does not have the highest tax rate in the world, no matter if you’re talking about the corporate or the personal tax rate. The highest corporate tax rate in the world belongs to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at 55 percent. The rate in the U.S. is 39.1 percent. And the highest personal tax rate in the world belongs to Finland, which has a top tax bracket of 61.96 percent. The highest personal rate in America? 55.9 percent. So we can easily deduce that Trump either doesn’t know what in the hell he’s talking about, or he just chooses to lie.

Secondly, I consider myself to be a member in good standing of the middle class Trump refers to, and I don’t feel “threatened” or “decimated” by those who are entering the country, either legally or illegally. I do, however, feel threatened by the rapacious behavior of predatory capitalists such as Mr. Trump, who see this nation as a playground for their personal benefit and damn the consequences to the rest of us.

Donald Trump is a hate-filled bag of hot air. Anytime there’s a presidential election in the offing, he likes to say he just might run for the GOP nomination. But trust me, he won’t. To do so would require him to give a full accounting of his finances, and he doesn’t want to do that because he knows to do so would mean he spends the next 20 years in federal prison.

Do us all a favor, Donald, and stick to screwing the poor and the middle class. When we decide to “rebel,” we’ll need someone’s image to burn in effigy, and yours will do just fine.

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One thought on “Donald Trump Says Immigrants Are Destroying America; Middle Class Will Rebel

  1. I like your opinion on both subjects. Especially about going to church. I was raised in a hardcore Baptist church.I truly believe that in order to be a good person doesn’t mean you have to go to church. Look at all the GOP’s and teaparty. They go to church. I guess they forgot what it was for…
    keep up the good articles people need to hear them

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