Feds Investigating $285 Million Loan Kushner Received One Month Before 2016 Election

While it’s long been believed Jared Kushner was brought aboard Team Trump during the 2016 campaign because he was married to Ivanka, it now seems that Kushner may have been invited because, much like his father-in-law, he has questionable financial dealings.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Kushner is under investigation for a $285 million loan he received from Deutsche Bank just a month before the election:

“In October 2016, the Kushner Cos. finalized a $285 million loan from Deutsche Bank as part of a refinancing package for the purchase of a retail space in the former New York Times building in Times Square. At the time of the transaction, Kushner was chief executive officer of Kushner Cos. and was advising the presidential campaign of his father-in-law, Donald Trump.”

Prosecutors from the Brooklyn U.S. attorney’s office have requested documents and other information about the loan from Kushner’s real-estate company.

Deutsche Bank, it should be noted, has long been suspected of being a willing accomplice in money laundering operations conducted by Russian oligarchs and organized crime figures. And the German bank also has extensive ties to President Trump, who is estimated to owe the firm at least $2.6 billion.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is also investigating possible collusion and a criminal conspiracy between Trump and Russia also recently subpoenaed records from Deutsche Bank that relate to their financial dealings with Trump and Trump Enterprises over the years.

According to Market Watch:

“Chris Taylor, a spokeswoman for Kushner Cos., said the company ‘has cooperated and will continue to cooperate with any reasonable request for information.’ A spokesman for Deutsche Bank declined to comment.”

Once again we see that as was the case with Watergate, following the money is how a crime with multiple people, countries, and intersecting interests is the way a good investigator makes his case. Robert Mueller is a great investigator, and his thorough approach will help guarantee the guilty parties are brought to justice.

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