Former Federal Prosecutor: William Barr’s ‘Time In The Barrel’ Is Coming Soon

Attorney General William Barr has repeatedly proven that he doesn’t owe any loyalty to the Constitution. Instead, he serves and defends Donald Trump and those who Trump chooses to favor. All others are expendable, and the rule of law has been shredded in the service of a megalomaniac.

But while Barr may be running things at the Justice Department now, he won’t always be attorney general, which led former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner to remind Barr that his actions will have consequences for him in the future.

Kirschner, who’s a frequent guest commentator on MSNBC, appeared on the SiriusXM show of host Dean Obeidallah, and he didn’t mince words when asked for his thoughts on the current AG.

The interview began, according to Mediaite, when Obeidallah remarked:

“’The gaslighting, the history thing just makes my blood boil,’ Obeidallah said, referencing an interview this week in which Barr defended the move by saying ‘History is written by the winners.’

“But the one before that, about I’m about justice, and people are so partisan now, they’re not seeing justice. He’s gaslighting anyone who wants to listen and believe him. I cannot believe this is playing out like this.”

That led Kirschner — who once worked for former Special Counsel Robert Mueller — to respond:

“Yeah, for him to say it’s just about ‘winning’ — you know what, it’s actually not about winning.It’s about allegiance to the rule of law. It’s about representing the interest of the American people with honor and with integrity. It’s about a Department of Justice that the ‘we, the people’ want to be proud of, and deserve to be proud of.”

And then Kirschner added what sounded like a very direct warning aimed Barr:

“Bill Barr is a joke. He is a pathetic embarrassing joke. And his time in the barrel is coming, because in January when we have a law-abiding President and a law enforcing attorney general: It’s on.”

“Every last corrupt, criminal politician, Trump family member, you name it, will be investigated,” and “will be held accountable in accordance with the evidence that is fairly developed of their criminal activity. And then they have to go.”

Exactly! All of these crooked, corrupt Trump sycophants and lackeys who so eagerly engage in helping the current president abuse the rights of millions of Americans will indeed be held accountable. They will have to answer for their crimes. And they will be served a giant dose of karma.

Just think of how sweet it would be to see William Barr and Donald Trump in prison jumpsuits, being perp walked right into a federal penitentiary.

One thought on “Former Federal Prosecutor: William Barr’s ‘Time In The Barrel’ Is Coming Soon

  1. Toleration for this criminal outfit is overwhelming. Knowing there will be investigations into every level of the swamp and those who have shredded the decency of the white house Helps make a bit more patience and tolerance, bearable But never think this is easy not every one on earth needs to have weapons of mass destruction to get their point across. Barr and the rest of this treacherous outfit shall be judged by decent honest men and women that follow the law by the Oath of the offices of justice and criminal behavior along with treacherous deeds. We can wait.

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