Former Staffer: Donald Trump Is A ‘Violent Deviant’ Who Likes To Beat Young Girls

Donald Trump is a prototypical misogynist. For those who doubt this to be a fact, consider the evidence:

Given what we already know about Trump, it’s still more than a bit unsettling to hear that he also likes to beat girls, especially prostitutes, according to someone who has known him for years and once worked for the Donald.

Noel Casler worked directly for Trump when he was host of the NBC show “The Apprentice,” and he weighed in on the matter after watching the president verbally assault a female reporter at the daily White House coronavirus briefing on Monday. In case you missed it, here’s that exchange:

Casler, who now works as a stand-up comedian, was watching, too, and he responded with this Tweet, which he also made sure Trump saw by putting the president’s Twitter handle on the posting:

Oh, and for the Trump faithful who are still in deep denial about the kind of scum their political savior is, keep in mind that Donald Trump was also accused of repeatedly raping and abusing a 13-year-old girl with his former friend, the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. As part of the court filing in that case, there’s this from the girl who filed the lawsuit:

“Shortly after this sexual assault by the Defendant, Jeffrey E. Epstein, on the Plaintiff, Katie Johnson, Plaintiff Johnson was still present while the two Defendants were arguing over who would be the one to take Plaintiff Johnson’s virginity. The Defendant, Donald J. Trump, was clearly heard referring to Defendant, Jeffrey E. Epstein, as a ‘Jew Bastard’ as he yelled at Defendant Epstein that clearly, he, Defendant Trump, should be the lucky one to ‘pop the cherry’ of Plaintiff Johnson.”

We have a sexual predator in the White House. He is a stain on this country and will do absolutely anything to satisfy his own greed and lust. If you doubt that, just listen to the people who know him and have seen him at his worst.

One thought on “Former Staffer: Donald Trump Is A ‘Violent Deviant’ Who Likes To Beat Young Girls

  1. Thanks for this — I’ve compiled a long list of articles and links about this very issue and read that Trump viciously slapped his bound 13-year-old victim, screaming “I can do whatever I want!” (the same thing he thinks about the presidency) — but this is the first I’ve heard of the “Jew Bastard” remark. I’d post them here (as I have for years elsewhere in trying to raise awareness), but you obviously have the same info and more.

    “Katie Johnson” and his other victims have been forced to live in fear for too long — we must keep demanding investigations into Epstein’s cronies, WHOEVER they are.

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