Former Staffer: Donald Trump Is A ‘Violent Deviant’ Who Likes To Beat Young Girls

Donald Trump is a prototypical misogynist. For those who doubt this to be a fact, consider the evidence: He bragged that he enjoys grabbing women “by the pussy.” Trump has repeatedly attacked strong women who dare to oppose him, i.e. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, etc. Donald Trump claims that smart women are “killers” […]

WATCH: Mike Pence Goes Full-On Weasel When Asked About Rob Porter Scandal

How many versions of the updated “truth” have we heard from the Trump administration on the matter of former White House staffer Rob Porter, who allegedly beat both of his ex-wives? Seems the story changes every single day, depending on which official is doing the lying. On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told the […]

Sarah Sanders Has A Conniption Fit When Asked Why Trump Won’t Condemn Domestic Violence (VIDEO)

No matter how they try to change the subject, the White House cannot manage to talk away the fact that the administration had two alleged wife-beaters on the public dime. And until they confront the issue head-on (don’t hold your breath waiting for that), the daily press briefing will be exactly like Monday’s. A reporter […]

WATCH Chris Cuomo School A GOP Rep. Who Calls Domestic Abuse A ‘Soap Opera’

Clearly, Republicans just don’t get it when it comes to the topic of domestic abuse. First we had the White House only hesitantly agreeing to fire former staff secretary Rob Porter for physically assaulting his ex-wife. Then, over the weekend, Trump took to Twitter and posted this steaming pile of horseshit: Peoples lives are being […]

What Katy Tur Just Revealed About Trump Will Make Your Skin Crawl

By his own admission on the Access Hollywood video, President Trump enjoys making women uncomfortable by kissing them against their will and even sexually assaulting them if he’s in the mood. And now we have another confirmation of that from NBC reporter Katy Tur. Tur, who was assigned to cover Trump during the 2016 campaign, has just released […]

New Poll Shows Hateful Uncle Tom Sheriff David Clarke Is TOAST If He Runs For Reelection

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke–a regular on Fox News–may want to start updating his resume if a new poll is any indication of how voters in his county feel about him. A just-released survey from Public Policy Polling shows that 62 percent of voters questioned said they disapprove of the job Clarke is doing, while […]

What This Florida Woman Donated To Donald Trump Will Leave You Laughing

We’ve all heard the expression, Don’t get mad, get even. And that’s exactly what Emily Robinson did when she received a letter from the Donald Trump campaign asking for a donation. Robinson decided to send something very unique in response to both the letter and Trump’s comments that he likes to grab women “by the […]

WATCH Megyn Kelly HUMILIATE A Trump Supporter Trying To Excuse Sexual Abuse Allegations

While it’s true that Megyn Kelly works for Fox News and is clearly a conservative, she is also a woman, and last night on her show she had enough of a guest who was attempting to excuse charges of sexual abuse that have been leveled at Donald Trump by several women. Attorney David Wohl, who […]

Trump In 2012: Attorney Gloria Allred Would Be ‘Very Very Impressed’ With My Big D*ck

In defense of himself for the crude and sexist remarks he made about women on an open mic in 2005, Donald Trump and his surrogates have attempted to say that it happened 11 years ago and that he’s sorry for ever being so casual about the topic of sexual assault. But now we have proof […]

Misogynist-In-Chief: Female Reporter Confirms Trump Called Her The C-Word (VIDEO)

If there remains any American who doubts that Donald Trump hates women and believes himself to be superior to anyone of the female gender, we now have confirmation of his rampant misogyny. Appearing on CNN today, reporter Jennifer Lin recalled an incident from Trump’s past in which she was merely attempting to do a report […]