Former Staffer Reveals Ivanka Trump Had Plastic Surgery Just To Please Her Father

Donald Trump is absolutely obsessed with his oldest daughter, Ivanka, who currently serves as a senior White House adviser to her father. If you doubt that, consider what he once said about Ivanka when she was only 13 years old:

“Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?”

And now we know that the Donald was so obsessed with Ivanka he even insisted she get multiple plastic surgeries — most notably on her nose — until she finally met his standard of beauty.

Noel Casler was a showrunner on Trump’s NBC series “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and he’s been offering up little tidbits of things he heard and saw while working on the show ever since Donald was elected president. Casler now works as a stand-up comedian, but he wasn’t joking in the least with what he posted on Twitter Sunday regarding Ivanka’s surgeries:

For the doubters in the audience, consider the following before and after photos as evidence:

Notice how the nose got smaller over the course of a couple of years? Here’s another:

The cheeks, nose, and lips look reduced in that one. All the more reason to see a third example:

That’s a dramatic change in the overall look of Ivanka’s face, and it certainly appears to be much more than just shedding “baby fat” and her features getting sharper. It looks like she’s had some work done. If she did it to please her father, that’s even creepier.

Late last year, Casler also suggested that Ivanka had a boob job, but not exactly the kind you’d expect when you hear that procedure mentioned:

There’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery per se. Millions of Americans have had cosmetic surgery for various reasons, and it’s a huge business in this country. But getting repeated nose jobs to please your daddy is beyond weird.

The Trump family is filled with characters right out of a bad B-movie, and yet they’re currently running this country. If that doesn’t convince you to vote Donald Trump out of office, then you’re part of the problem and deserve what you get.

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