Ivanka Trump Gets Embarrassed After Insisting That American Kids Go Back To School ASAP

Bless her little heart, Ivanka Trump is always eager to try and put a happy face on her father’s most odious pronouncements and decisions, but she usually just makes matters worse, proving that she did indeed inherit her cluelessness from her father.

Such is the case with the Trump administration’s decision to demand that children who attend public schools go back to class this fall, come hell or high water, and regardless of the health dangers posed by the novel coronavirus, which has so far infected over 3 million Americans.

The White House is so committed to sending kids back to school that they’re even threatening to withhold federal education funding from states that don’t go along with their harebrained scheme.

And that’s where Ivanka comes into the equation, putting her two cents worth in via Twitter:

Be sure and note how Ivanka tries to suggest she actually gives a diddly damn about single mothers and what they have to go through on a daily basis. That’s rich coming from a woman who has nannies to help raise her children and has never had to actually work a day in her life, let alone bear a burden other than determining what shoes she’ll be wearing to her next cocktail party.

And then there’s the fact that Jared and Ivanka send their children to private schools, so the mandate from her father won’t impact her or her kids in the least, as lots of people reminded her:

Sorry, Vanky, but you have zero credibility on this or any other issue that matters to real Americans. No one believes a damn word you or your father say.

One thought on “Ivanka Trump Gets Embarrassed After Insisting That American Kids Go Back To School ASAP

  1. The children’s base ball team all got tested before Trump had a photo op with them, but it is expected that teachers and students not be tested??? How stupid does he think we are???

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