Scott Walker: Obama To Blame For Attacks On Police Officers (Video)

Scott Walker has decided to join the chorus of jackals running for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination and blame President Obama for the recent spate of shootings of police officers around the country. Is it any wonder he’s falling so quickly in the polls?

The Wisconsin Governor, appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, told host Jake Tapper that the President has contributed to officers being killed because of:

“His absence of leadership, of speaking out on this issue.”

Which of course completely overlooks the numerous statements the President has made condemning violence against members of law enforcement. If you’re a Republican who is running for President, it seems to be a requirement that you slag President Obama at least once every 24 hours.

Walker also said this:

“We need a president who first and foremost says that law enforcement professionals across this country are doing the job. We need them to keep us safe, we need to have their back, and he has been silent on this and that’s an outrage.”

No, Governor, the outrage is that people like you seem to have a deep-seated need to repeatedly tell lies that you know are lies. We call that willful ignorance, and as far as I’m concerned it’s a disqualification for anyone seeking the White House.

Just last week, Walker wrote an op-ed in which he claimed  that anti-police rhetoric has gotten worse under Obama. He cited the recent cases of a Texas sheriff’s deputy being killed while pumping gas, and of a police lieutenant whom he said had been “assassinated” in Illinois.

If Walker cared about the facts (which he does not), he would know that police shooting deaths are down 26 percent this year, though, compared to the same period last year, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Tapper told Governor Walker that he’s heard the President praise police officers on numerous occasions, but Walker said that’s not enough:

“He’s praised them, but he’s not speaking out about the fact that this rhetoric out there — and when … we have people say ‘pigs in a blanket’ at a rally, ‘fry ’em up like bacon.’  That’s the kind of thing you need to speak out about.”

Hey, Scott, your 15 minutes of fame on the national stage are over. Go ahead and find the exit before the voters kick you out of it.

Watch Scott Walker Tell Lies Without His Nose Growing

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