Fox News Political Analyst: Americans Don’t Want Hillary Due To Her ‘Weird Marriage’

How do we know the Republican political establishment and their propaganda ministers at Fox News are terrified of Hillary Clinton, who formally announced her candidacy for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination yesterday? By the fact that they have already started their scurrilous attacks on matters that have nothing to do with her fitness to be leader of the free world.

First out of the box at Fox News is Brit Hume, their Senior Political Analyst who predicted the American electorate would never elected the former Secretary of State because of her “weird marriage.”

You know, I used to have some respect for Brit Hume back when he worked for ABC News and actually engaged in serious journalism. But now he’s just another Fox hack who repeats the company line written for him by Roger Ailes.

Hume, who was talking to Chris Wallace on Sunday, hours before Ms. Clinton even announced her candidacy, began by praising Clinton. Kind of:

“She has huge advantages. She is better known that any Democrat in America, certainly any Democrat that has any idea of running during this election year. She has a tremendous body of support and supporters that dates back years, she has a huge fundraising apparatus, she has professional people around her, she has long experience, she knows the issues.”

And then Hume went from the factual to the ridiculous by asserting that Ms. Clinton’s incredible strengths are severely outweighed by her marriage and relationship with former President Bill Clinton:

“She has tremendous baggage. I mean, do the American people really want another four or eight years of the Clintons and their weird marriage? Do they want more of the kind of behavior — the deceptive behavior we saw with the emails and all the rest of it, which is so redolent of Clinton administrations and Clinton experiences past.”

Remember the motto of President Clinton’s first campaign in 1996, Brit? Allow me to remind you: “It’s the economy, stupid!” And I seem to recall that during Bill’s eight years in office this country had unprecedented economic growth and job creation. Something tells me that matters a helluva lot more to Americans than any marriage or emails.

But let’s allow Hume the opportunity to make a bigger jackass of himself, which he did when he proclaimed:

“And then there’s the fact that the public is hungry for someone new, she’s not somebody new. She’s old, she’s not the news.”

She may not be new, but she can do the job better than any of the clowns being put forth by the GOP, Mr. Hume. So why don’t you go sit in the corner and shiver in fear of what you know is on the horizon: Another Democratic victory in 2016.

Watch Brit Hume Make a Jackass of Himself:

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