GOP Strategist Hopes Hillary Clinton Doesn’t ‘Drown Me In Estrogen’

Republicans are forever lamenting the fact that a “gender gap” exists between the two American political parties. Women tend to vote for Democrats; men gravitate to the GOP. They also wonder why such a gap remains after all these years. Well, thanks to the comments of a female GOP strategist, I think I have an answer to their questions.

Ana Navarro, who often appears on CNN, was being asked about the impending announcement that  former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be seeking the 2016 Democratic nomination for President. Navarro is a Republican strategist and annoying gadfly who will show up anytime there is a Republican politician around. I’m not sure if she’s looking for work or just trying to get her picture taken, but now she’s trying to give advice to Ms. Clinton.

In a chiding, dismissive tone, Navarro said Clinton should stop putting an emphasis on “the woman thing.” But she was only getting warmed up. She expounded on her ignorant remarks with this:

“Going back to the woman thing, I’m frankly fascinated by how it’s playing out this time. Because it’s so different from 2008, where she did not embrace the historical moment of being a woman.”

Was Navarro conscious during the 2008 campaign? Because I specifically recall Clinton talking about the historic implications of having a woman as President of the United States. Perhaps Navarro just has an incredibly short memory, like so many of her Republican friends and associates.

But then Navarro went even further, showing quite clearly why there’s a gender gap among the electorate:

“Here’s the problem. Hillary Clinton on this woman thing, I think, is lacking subtlety. I don’t need her to drown me in estrogen every time she opens her mouth.”

Drown you in estrogen? Did that actually come out of Ana Navarro’s mouth? Yep, sure did. It would appear that Republican women also have no clue as to why women don’t tend to identify with their party.

If that wasn’t enough, Navarro then took a personal shot at Ms. Clinton’s dedication to her family:

“Every time she opens her mouth it’s about the granddaughter and Chelsea’s wedding and the yoga routines. You know, Hillary Clinton needs to stop being focus-grouped to death and be Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t need to have a sign that says, ‘I am woman, hear me roar.’”

Maybe not, but Ana Navarro needs to have a sign that says: “Gender gap? Yeah, I’m helping perpetuate that one.”

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