Fox Reporter Says He’s Disappointed He Couldn’t Find Baby Body Parts For Sale Online

For the past couple of weeks, seems like the lead story on Fox News, no matter the time of day or night, is Planned Parenthood, which the right wing propaganda brokers at Fox are bound and determined to see shut down.

Fox has already aired two heavily edited and massively deceptive videos which they claim prove Planned Parenthood routinely sells fetal body parts for profit. If it were true, it would be horrible and illegal, but in light of the lack of veracity on the part of the hacks who have propagated this lie, it is nothing more than another series of lies being spread by those who are opposed to a woman’s right to choose.

And then on Tuesday we had Fox reporter Peter Doocy, the incredibly asinine and blow-dried son of Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy (who is about as bright as a 2-watt bulb) introducing portions of the so-called “sting” videos on Special Report With Bret Baier. Keep in mind Special Report is supposed to be Fox’s “serious” news program, and it airs hours before the talking head nutjobs–Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity–take over the network in the evening.

Doocy announces in an accusatory tone:

“The group settled on $100 as a starting point for livers, hearts, or brains from an aborted fetus. And that’s before their entrees even arrived.”

Never mind that the videos have not been shown in unedited form. No need to get wrapped up in fact.

Then Doocy proudly reports into the camera that he has spent the day perusing the Planned Parenthood website, and here’s what he found:

“I’ve searched the Planned Parenthood website for fetal baby part prices but can’t find them. Because until these videos came out, these transactions had been Planned Parenthood’s well-kept secret.”

What makes that statement so noxious, so insidious, is that Doocy says it in way which suggests there was once a list of fetal baby parts with prices next to them. As if they once existed, but Planned Parenthood took them off the web when the debate over the videos started.

We can now plainly see that even when Fox News tries to report the news, they wind up doing nothing more than spitting out the talking points of the Republican Party.

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