Georgia Man ‘Cleaning’ Handgun Shoots, Kills Toddler…Was Banned From Having Guns

Some people should never ever be allowed to have a gun, no matter the reason they think they need one. Ronnie Howard of Macon, Georgia, is one of those people.

Howard says he was cleaning his 9mm handgun over the weekend with a 17-month old baby boy in the room. Even worse, Howard didn’t know what the hell he was doing. This numbnuts had removed the magazine from the gun, and thought he had also released the bullet from the chamber. But one bullet stuck in the chamber, and when Howard reinserted the magazine, the gun went off and fatally shot the helpless child. According to Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones, the bullet entered the baby’s head under his eye and exited out the back of his tiny head.

The poor child, Jones said, never stood a chance. Jones also asked the question we are all asking:

“Why in the world would you be cleaning a gun with a child in the house?”

Howard and Brooke Carroll, the baby’s mother, rushed the child to a nearby hospital, but the toddler was pronounced dead on arrival.

If this story isn’t already tragic enough to make you angry, then this fact will probably enrage you: Ronnie Howard was not even supposed to be in possession of a gun in the first place!

Not long ago, Mr. Howard was stopped by police and found to have the following in his car: a loaded 9mm handgun, marijuana, and a 9-month-old baby. Seems guns and babies just go together for this completely clueless piece of fecal matter.

Following the incident with the gun, grass, and baby in his car, Howard was explicitly prohibited from having any kind of gun.

Originally, Howard was charged with reckless conduct and second degree cruelty to a minor, but a charge of second degree murder was added for the death of the baby.

And we see yet again another innocent whose life has been taken because of this country’s sick obsession with guns and the culture which surrounds them.

Wonder if the NRA will even bother sending flowers to the poor boy’s funeral. Nah, they’re probably too busy trying to bail out Ronnie Howard.

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