Goldbricking Trump Gets Masterfully Trolled By Protesters While On His Way To Play Golf

Everywhere you look this weekend, it’s painfully clear that the United States is in crisis. If you doubt that, just consider these undeniable facts:

  • Coronavirus continues to infect and kill hundreds of Americans each and every day, with no respite in sight
  • Unemployment benefits for millions of laid off workers ended Friday and are being held hostage by Senate Republicans
  • Millions of people are on the verge of being evicted from their homes because they cannot afford to pay their rent or mortgage and there is no longer a federal moratorium on evictions

And yet, despite all of the problems facing the country, Donald Trump thought it would be a great time to play golf in Virginia.

Think about it: Rather than demand that congressional leaders come to the White House and hash out a deal to keep money flowing to millions of desperate Americans, Trump is playing golf. That alone should tell you that the man is heartless and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but himself.

But all is not lost, because while the president was on his way to hit the links, he got hit with some superb trolling by people who are sick and tired of his failure to do his damn job.

According to Alayna Treene of Vox:

Here’s the woman with the “We are good trouble” sign, a clear tip of the cap to the late Rep. John Lewis, who was buried on Thursday in Atlanta:

But the best trolling was done by protesters along the route Trump’s motorcade took on its way to the golf course:

Yep, that is indeed a very direct jab at Trump’s endless bragging about passing a cognitive exam that is so simple a trained chimp can make a perfect score. But to hear the “stable genius” tell it, he did so well that the doctors couldn’t stop praising him. He completely neglects to realize that they were probably just being nice and trying to stay on his good side.

So, while America burns, Emperor Donald is playing golf and even taking a page from Marie-Antoinette: Let them eat cake! Except in Trump’s case, one look at his waistline will tell you there’s no cake left. The fat bastard ate it all.

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