Trump Looking For A Way To Make Money While Doing ‘Relatively Little Work’ After Leaving Office

If you were wondering why exactly Donald Trump has been such a spectacular failure as a businessman and president, a new article from the Washington Post suggests one word explains the reason 250,000 Americans are dead from COVID-19: Laziness. As you may have suspected, Donald Trump is lazy. He hates to work. Instead, he expects […]

‘Art Of The Deal’ Ghostwriter Says Trump Is ‘Too Lazy’ To Run For POTUS In 2024

According to the New York Times, President Donald Trump is unsure what his next move should be after he leaves the White House, but one scenario that’s been discussed by him with top advisers involves his running for a second term in 2024: “Mr. Trump is talking seriously about announcing that he is planning to […]

Goldbricking Trump Gets Masterfully Trolled By Protesters While On His Way To Play Golf

Everywhere you look this weekend, it’s painfully clear that the United States is in crisis. If you doubt that, just consider these undeniable facts: Coronavirus continues to infect and kill hundreds of Americans each and every day, with no respite in sight Unemployment benefits for millions of laid off workers ended Friday and are being […]