Heartless Bastard: Trump Once Took Away A Sick Child’s Medical Insurance!

We all know that Donald Trump is an asshole of major proportions, perhaps the biggest gasbag to ever seek the White House, and that’s really saying something when you look back at the history of those who have run for that office.

But the way Trump treated his own family during an internal feud helps us to more fully understand what a gigantic tool this man is.

Trump had a brother name Freddy. And as the New York Times recently reported, Freddy was an alcoholic whose lifestyle caused his death at the age of only 43. Freddy’s excessive use of alcohol also caused a rift in the relationship between the two brothers. But apparently the Donald took his animosity for his brother out on his nephew, revoking the medical insurance benefits of the nephew’s sick infant son.

Some background: Trump had promised to always pay for the medical care for the child of his nephew, named Fred III. Then there was a disagreement over an inheritance, and Trump changed his mind and showed his dark side.

According to the Times report:

“Then came the unveiling of Fred Sr.’s will, which Donald had helped draft. It divided the bulk of the inheritance, at least $20 million, among his children and their descendants, ‘other than my son Fred C. Trump Jr.’

“Freddy’s children sued, claiming that an earlier version of the will had entitled them to their father’s share of the estate, but that Donald and his siblings had used ‘undue influence’ over their grandfather, who had dementia, to cut them out.

“A week later, Mr. Trump retaliated by withdrawing the medical benefits critical to his nephew’s infant child.”

When contacted by the Times for their story, Trump remarked:

“I was angry because they sued.”

His Donaldness also assured the Times that in time the entire matter was settled “very amicably.”

Doesn’t that just make you feel warm all over?

Any man who would revoke the paying of medical bills he promised to pay–for an infant child, no less!–is not fit to be President of the United States. Of course, this is merely one of ten thousand reasons Trump is unfit to be President, but this example is indicative of the kind of heartless asshole Trump truly is.

Hey, Donald: Game over, man!

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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