Hillary Just Said What We’ve All Been Thinking About Trump’s Handling Of The COVID-19 Crisis

Today we learned that Donald Trump is planning to pretend the COVID-19 crisis is all gone as soon as Easter, maybe sooner, not because the danger will be gone, but because he’s terrified of losing in November if the economy goes down the tubes, which it very likely will no matter what he does.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of medical experts say the United States needs to remain in a state of shutdown and active social distancing until the number of new infections hits zero for at least seven days. That’s how China and South Korea shut down the virus, but of course Trump thinks he knows better than anyone else, no matter the topic.

But not everyone is willing to die so Donald can boost the Dow Jones Industrial Average a few thousand points and help provide revenue for the president’s filthy rich friends and family. And if and when the number of deaths rises dramatically after Trump has given the all-clear signal, the American people will be done with Trump. Based on recent polls, they already are, no matter what happens with the stock market or Boeing’s profit margin.

Into this charnel house of surreal pronouncements from our so-called president, we finally have some humor, logic, and reason, courtesy of Hillary Clinton, who reminded us all today why millions of us voted for her instead of the clown-in-chief.

On Twitter (which we all know Trump keeps a close eye on), Hillary posted this:

There was also this:

Game, set, and match, Hillary Clinton.

We’ve all been thinking it, but she managed to give it voice. Donald Trump will always put profits over people. You and I are not human beings, we are merely cattle for the corporations to exploit and sell their wares to.

Thank you, Madame President, for saying what needed to be said. No wonder you won by 3 million votes.

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