Indian-American Woman Visited By Cops After Trying To Buy Ammo

Sim Sangha is a 24-year-old firearms instructor from Fremont, California. She recently went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and asked an employee there about purchasing eight boxes of ammunition for her AR-15 rifle. That’s the same kind of gun used by the terrorist attackers in San Bernardino earlier this month.

Two days later, police showed up at Sangha’s home to question her after the store employee called authorities.

Sangha commented on the incident:

“I don’t know if it’s my skin color or that I’m Indian. I’m not a Muslim, but even if I were, that’s no reason to call police to my home, instantly.”

In addition to being a firearms instructor, Sangha is about to become a member of the Los Angeles Police Department. She thinks this is clearly a case of racial profiling:

“They singled me out because of the way I look. I’ve had friends buy bulk ammo, and they’ve never had police show up at their door.”

For their part, police officials say they have apologized to Ms. Sangha, but they had a duty to investigate any activity that might be considered “suspicious.”

Let’s not forget that conservatives have decried the “political correctness” that prevented a man working in the same community as the San Bernardino shooters–Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik– from calling authorities because he did not want to racially profile them.

Yet here we have a woman who appeared to be from another country and the police suddenly express an interest in what she might want to do with eight boxes of ammunition. Why do I get the feeling that when right wingers talk about the Second Amendment being absolute that they would have no problem denying guns to Muslim Americans or those who appear to be of another nationality?

Where is the NRA in this whole matter? Why isn’t NRA President Wayne LaPierre rushing to Fremont to hold a press conference and say how outraged he is that Ms. Sangha was treated in this manner? Why? Because he is a hypocrite and could care less about her rights.

The silence from the ammosexuals on what was done to Sangha is deafening.

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