Judge In Michael Flynn Case Appears Ready To Reject DOJ Call For Dropping Charges

When the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Attorney General William Barr decided they would drop charges against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Thursday, they apparently neglected to factor in that the federal judge in the case will have the final say, and could still choose to send Flynn to prison for the crimes he pleaded guilty to in 2017.

Reuters reports that U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan may well be on the verge of thumbing his nose at the DOJ and refusing to accept Barr’s decision. If he does, Flynn would likely be headed to prison:

“The judge is unlikely to sign off on the request as a pro forma matter, said Channing Phillips, the former acting U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia during the Obama administration, adding that with Sullivan ‘nothing is pro forma.’

“’I can guarantee you, he is going to question the prosecutors,’ Phillips said in a phone interview. ‘He is going to want to understand exactly the basis for this motion … You have a new attorney general. You have a new U.S. attorney. You have new prosecutors who take a different position. But the facts haven’t changed.'”

Judge Sullivan has already made it clear that he doesn’t think very highly of Flynn and his crimes, remarking in December 2018:

“I am not hiding my disgust, my disdain for this criminal offense.

“Arguably, you sold your country out.”

The Reuters report squares with comments made Thursday by MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, who had spoken with three former DOJ officials that also predicted Judge Sullivan would not look favorably on Barr’s decision to give Flynn a free pass:

“So, it may not go down the way Attorney General Barr and Donald Trump want it to.”

Judge Sullivan owes no loyalty to Donald Trump or William Barr. He was appointed by Bill Clinton and has lifetime tenure. That means he can be the independent overseer of this matter that’s missing inside the Trump administration.

Michael Flynn may feel vindicated and relieved today, but soon enough he’s going to be standing before a judge who is clearly disgusted by what he did.

Barr, Trump, and Flynn may think what they’ve done is a fait accompli. But only Judge Sullivan gets to make that determination.

14 thoughts on “Judge In Michael Flynn Case Appears Ready To Reject DOJ Call For Dropping Charges

    • drumpf losser of the 2016 popular vote and Now Impeached don The Con Is Not Above The Law And Niether Are His Co- Conspiritor AKA Criminal Cohorts !!! drumpf-Ass, barr and flynn Need and Should Be Locked-Up, ASAP !!!

    • Your Honor,
      We depend on your honor to dispense justice in this case and I trust your decision will be made solely on the merits of the case without regard to any outside pressures. Thank you Judge, Russ

  1. I sure hope the Judge holds him accountable and sticks it in his ass along with Barr & chump.

    • These people, including Trump, his follower William Barr, and the Republican Party, must be held accountable or we’ll surely loose our rule of law, equality, and our beloved American Democracy. ~Abel

  2. Your honor,this is your decision and not the boot licking opinion of Barr and his Nazis.Trump is as guilty as Flynn and Barr.I believe your honor will respect the rule of law and reject Trumps attorney(oops,I mean the Attorney General.)

    • I agree. Judge Sullivan looks and sounds like a man of honour. However, with trump at the helm, you never know what will happen.

  3. You all are truly deceived! So blinded by hatred! Please read the transcript of Flyn and the FBI investigators and you will discover that an innocent man was framed! Wake up people, this is not a political. This can happen to you or your children. I may not like Republicans, but I want the FBI and the Justice Department to be fair even with my enemies!!

    • Is it really common for innocent persons, not a dupe but a field grade experienced officer,o plead guilty ..to sign a document proclaiming guilt?

      Were there not several more criminal and questionable conducts that were set aside in return for prosecuting only this issue?

      Doesn’t this Judge have considerably more information than I do…you do that caused him to say in open court.. “.. you were …. selling out your country???” Where is the unwillingness to see here?

      • No one is above the law they all crooked what’s good for the goose good for the gander every body else do the crime spend the time

    • now what do you n
      know that the judge doesnt know. he was not forced to plead guilty. so if this is a set up flynn is participating. so what is it that you know that flynn dont know. he pleaded guilty. dont be mad at us, be mad at him.

  4. These authoritarian NAZI MFs, who think it’s their way or the highway, need a dose of comeuppance when it comes to their [in your face] truth trashing, anti-democratic, anti-rule of law agenda. These fascists think they own the country and Americans need to straighten these assholes the f___k out!

  5. Please take time to read the transcript and all other supporting documents that are being release, and follow your conscience in this matter, not your political bias! As a minority I know people who were framed. it is one of the most painful experience of my life! For once we can see wrong and acknowledge it! You and I know, there are so many people who have committed the same crime of lying to the FBI, who were not prosecuted. By this standard, a thousand people in Washington should be in jail. Many of us wanted him prosecuted until we read the documents from the FBI and discovered that he was truly framed! The truth is that the judge himself is also bias against him. Lets follow facts and not our emotions. I fear we are so divided that we are blind to basic truth. For those who have been framed, I can tell you, it is hell on earth! My personal disgust for him does not change the truth that he was framed by the FBI. Wake up people, this can happen to you or your children.

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