The Latest From Robert Mueller’s Grand Jury Is The Worst News Possible For Trump

Three weeks ago, NBC News reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would be submitting his report on the Russia investigation as soon as mid-February. An attorney who had been in contact with the Mueller team noted:

“They clearly are tying up loose ends.”

No doubt that news was well-received by President Donald Trump and his legal team, even though the report could well wind up causing a whole new set of headaches for the White House.

But on Friday, a bombshell came in the form of an announcement from a federal court in Washington, D.C.: A grand jury which had been set to disband over the weekend had just been extended.

The grand jury, which was originally convened in July 2017, will now continue to meet for another six months. And that, CNN reports, suggests Mueller is far from finished with his probe of the 2016 election:

“The extension is the surest sign yet that the Russia investigation isn’t finished. It means, broadly, that Mueller may continue pursuing alleged criminal activity related to the Russian government’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, and that more indictments may be coming.

“Mueller is given authority by the Justice Department to prosecute individuals as he sees fit if they fall within his commissioned task — but in practice his team must ask the secret group of up to 23 citizens from DC to approve criminal indictments.”

Yep, this indeed means that more indictments are on the way, and it’s begun to look over the past few months that the entire Trump family — Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric — will likely be indicted for their role in the Trump Organization. All three are already facing legal exposure for their control of the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which was recently shut down after the New York Attorney General’s office charged it with “persistently illegal conduct.”

So while Mueller may well submit his report next month, he’s clearly far from done indicting up the cowardly traitors who betrayed this country and sold us out to Russia.

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