Liz Cheney Claims Americans Feel ‘Gratitude’ For Her Father, Dick

Here’s a question I want to run by you, and I hope you’ll be perfectly honest with me: Are you thankful for Dick Cheney? Are you thankful he was Vice President and got us into the war in Iraq?

I ask these questions, because earlier today on “CBS This Morning,” Liz Cheney, daughter of Dr. Evil (which is what I call him), made this remark, which I have to admit astonished me:

“I know, for all of us who love you, the gratitude as Americans that we feel, is matched only by our love for him.”

She turned to her father, who was there, along with Liz, to promote their latest tome of excrement,  Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America when she said that. When you give Dick and Liz a chance to get up and spout out their vile, warmongering drivel, they never take a pass on the invite, even though they most definitely should.

And they did not disappoint, with Dick saying:

“If you’re just nothing but warmth and friendliness and so forth, you seriously can’t deal with the kinds of issues I’ve had to deal with over the years, and that I wanted to deal with. It’s almost, I think, if you are criticism-free, then you’re probably not doing your job.”

I wonder how the tens of thousands of American servicemen and women who served, bled, were horribly wounded, or died in the fake war Dr. Evil dreamed up in Iraq would feel if they could talk to this piece of crap face to face. What would their criticism of this heartless monster be? Would their claims of praise be as rosy as those of Liz Cheney?

And the Papa Cheney declared this about the war in Iraq:

“There was widespread support at the time, and it was justified. I’m well known as somebody who has strongly defended that as the right thing to do. And I still believe that.”

Of course you still believe that. After all, you’re still a stockholder in Halliburton, and they made how many hundreds of millions of dollars off the Iraq fiasco?

Dick and Liz Cheney are shameless when it comes to defending the vile and stupid mistakes Dr. Evil made in the past which have led to the deaths of millions and left the world a more dangerous place.

I for one will never be satisfied until Dick Cheney is standing before the World Court, charged with war crimes.

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9 thoughts on “Liz Cheney Claims Americans Feel ‘Gratitude’ For Her Father, Dick

  1. If he is so loved, then WHY has the GOP shunned him, and no Candidate has ever invited him out on the campaign trail? He is about as welcome at GOP events as a bastard child at a family reunion… his very presence is no longer wanted, or desired in the GOP of 2015….. The only person in love with this slimy-a$$ bastard is himself…

  2. Are you delusional Liz? He’s satan! Ask the 6000 dead in the 9/11 attacks if he’s a Godsend/? Ask the millions of innocent civilians dead in Iraq if he’s a Godsend? Million orphaned children just left starving in Iraqi streets, if he’s a Godsend? The millions troops killed and the 128,000 a year suicides if he’s a Godsend? He’s a murderer that the entire world wants jailed! Now!!

  3. Dick is actually one of the most evil, heartless, KKK Christian, racist peckerwoods’ to ever take a breath on this planet and needs to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

  4. Personally, I won’t rest until the members of The Bush Crime Family are behind bars. President Obama is required by U.S. Law and International Treaties which we ourselves wrote to investigate and prosecute reports of War Crimes “under no exceptional circumstances whatsoever.” Just which “exceptional circumstance” is preventing this ?

  5. Liz Cheney is delusional! I say wake up, our current situation in the Middle East is a huge mess and responsibility lies squarely at her father’s feet!

  6. Dick is a war criminal. It hurt’s to think of the troop’s who have died from the lie’s of this evil greedy money whore. Karma will knock on Dick’s door at some point. The truth is all documented that this man along with his boss g.w are guilty of treason and should be prosecuted. War crimes include making money off of a fabricated war.

    • THEY THINK THEY OUTSMARTED JOHN Q. PUBLIC. Most people don’t have time to scour the internet for the truth. They got rid of CIA documents, the same way, but like 7 hours later. And now, in those hidden emails from Colin Powell to Hillary, Powell accuses Bush of TREASON!!! WE SEE HOW THEY TREATED HIM…I BELIEVE COLIN POWELL OVER BUSH ANY DAY! BUT, FACT IS, SO FEW PEOPLE CARE…

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