Scott Walker Says He’s Open To Building A Wall Along U.S.-Canadian Border

Scott Walker may well be the candidate most favored by the Koch brothers, but the way he’s been fading in the polls lately, it doesn’t appear that money will be able to keep him afloat for much longer.

A couple of months ago I predicted that the Wisconsin Governor would never be elected President of the United States, but it may be time to amend my prophecy and declare that this bumbling moron’s campaign will never survive beyond the end of October.

Today would be the perfect example of why no one takes Walker seriously. Appearing on “Meet the Press,” Governor Walker said it might not be a bad idea to build a wall along the U.S.-Canadian border after we build one on the border with Mexico, telling Chuck Todd:

“That is a legitimate issue for us to look at.”

While we’re at it, can we also build a big wall around Wisconsin so this asshat cannot leave the state and infect the rest of America with his brand of lunacy and sheer incompetence? Put me down for $10 towards construction of that wall.

Walker went on to add:

“It starts with securing the homeland. It wasn’t just about building a wall and securing our borders. It was also about making sure our intelligence community has the ability for counterterrorism and the ability to go after the infrastructure they need to protect us.”

Yes, by all means lets throw several billion more dollars at the FBI, CIA, and NSA, because they don’t get enough of the federal budget as it is. And no doubt Walker would spend this additional money while also cutting taxes for the rich, especially his benefactors, Charles and David Koch.

The dunderhead from Wisconsin said he believes securing American borders is a top priority:

“We spend all this money on TSA. But I think right now one of the most rampant spots is on our southern-based border.”

At this time I would like to amend my earlier prediction: Scott Walker will not still be a candidate at the end of this calendar year. By that time, statements like the ones he made earlier today will have sunk the feeble chances he ever had of securing the GOP nomination. So allow me to say good riddance to Walker now and avoid the Christmas rush.

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