Marco Rubio: I Will Restrict Women’s Right To Choose ‘At Home And Around The World’ (Video)

If nothing else, we should probably give Senator Marco Rubio credit for being honest when it comes to what he plans to do if he becomes President.

On Friday, speaking before the National Right to Life Convention in New Orleans, Rubio railed against Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision which determined women do indeed have a right to an abortion. And Rubio also vowed to restrict the right to choose in the United States and around the world.

Rubio called Roe v. Wade a “historically, egregiously flawed decision,” and said that it “has condoned the taking of innocent life on a massive scale.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Rubio also declared:

“It is fundamentally impossible for America to reach her destiny as a nation founded on the equal rights of all if our government believes an entire segment of the human population doesn’t have a right to exist.”

While he was at it, Rubio also said he would fight to restrict women’s right to reproductive choice “at home and around the world.”

Which makes me wonder: At what point did the Rubio campaign decide to totally write off the votes of the majority of women in this country?

Listen to a bit more of the crap the Florida Senator was slinging in New Orleans like so much gumbo:

“You can judge a cause by the arguments made on both sides. For example, I rarely meet anyone who’s willing to say they’re pro-abortion. They’ll say they’re pro-choice, but almost everyone I’ve met says that they personally disagree with abortion. That alone tells us a little about the basic common sense the issue is built on.”

Don’t you just love how men running for President on the Republican ticket seem to think they have the right to tell women what they can do with their bodies?

I personally subscribe to what former President Bill Clinton said about abortion. He said he believed it should be “safe, legal, and rare.”

But if Marco Rubio is elected President, the first two parts of that statement would no longer be possible.


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18 thoughts on “Marco Rubio: I Will Restrict Women’s Right To Choose ‘At Home And Around The World’ (Video)

  1. I may be “pro choice” but guess what I am also pro open heart surgery ,,OR heart transplant,,also PRO APPENDIX removal ,, and pro Gaul bladder removal or any medical procedure that is no one else’s business but medically GOOD for the patient who is having it done for them..
    Facts are facts not all of them are sugar coated and rosy. Sometimes a pregnancy goes terribly wrong, so teminate it and start over, we no longer live in the dark ages and have that CHOICE these days Most of the “Holier Than Thou” Religious nut cases think that abortion is about knocked up teens.Well it is NOT,,,,,,,How would you like to have a child that is horribly de-formed?,,How would you like to have a child that is born dying and it will take 6 months to die a slow painful death? Do republicans enjoy these kinds of thoughts??? That is why abortions should be LEGAL,
    ,,, doing away with it is ludicrous nor is it medically sound,,, Consenting to have sex does not mean consenting to raising a child you do not intend to have,, birth control methods fail all the time ( just ask a catholic)

    • Life matter right up until its born…then your on your own…good luck with getting food, water, shelter, health care and an education. They are against all that.

      • Our Founding Fathers explicitly stated that the U.S. was NOT founded on Christianity or any other religious belief system. Rubio and his ilk spout their tragically misguided religious bigotry in the name of God. They believe that life begins with conception. However, many older cultures believe that human life begins with the first breath drawn and this is when the Soul enters the body. Is that true? Who knows? Who is right? Who knows? But it really shouldn’t matter. These self-righteous right wing politicians who believe they know what is right for everyone else should be solely focused on secular governing because that is what they were elected to do. If they can’t manage that, they should be relieved of their duties. The separation of Church and State is essential to maintain for the good of all of our citizens. Believe whatever you want, but if you think your beliefs supercede the right of others to believe what they choose, you should be barred from holding public office.

  2. The more the merrier according to the GOP. Isn’t life great? Every life matters, right? Ask the refugees who are drowning trying to get to safety. What do pro-lifers think about that? Do we see them lifting a finger to save those lives?

    • On second thought, there are 1 million frozen ‘babies’ in in vitro fertilization clinic situations. CRICKETS ABOUT THE FROZEN BABIES? Why not START there if they are serious? Get those women lined up to save those ‘babies’.. Anyone that is going to sign off on their frozen embryo… would have a choice then; trash, research, or to give it to one of the thousands of Republican women lined up just waiting for a chance to save one…

    • Nanci, thanks for your comment, it is succinct an to the question.

      The INSTANT that a fetus becomes a baby the only care that they receive is from some jerk who wants that kid and its mother OUT of the hospital because they cannot afford to PAY for their care.

      So WHAT if the child has zero chance from the git-go? If its homeless, tough. If the mother has not the wherewithal to properly care for the new child, she is branded a criminal and put behind bars for mistreating her baby.

      There is a way to totally eliminate 99.8% of abortions: Use birth control–which the $%@#&$W TEAliban (GOP) doesn’t like, either.

      Pardon me now, I am going to scream.

  3. The TEAliban (GOP) are attempting to haul this country down to the level of fascism. Everybody should know that but everybody is shutting their eyes, ears and everything else that can perceive of exactly what they are doing.
    They have created an oligarchy, are ranting like pseudo-Christians, cozying up to our corporations who WANT a fascist form of government.

    See if any of this rings a bell: Fascism is a form of EXTREME RIGHT-WING IDEOLOGY. The signs are there for all to see if only they would look:

    They protect corporate interests, EXTREME patriotism is expected, they support extreme wealth inequality, promote religion WITHIN GOVERNMENT, permits corporate controlled mass media even when they constantly LIE such as FAUX (Fox).
    They limit middle class labor power by suppressing unions and motivates citizens to support excessive worldwide military occupation.

    Each and every one of those are currently in practice already, all we need is to have another TEAliban (GOP) president and congress to seal the deal and we can start marching around like Nazi Germany or North Korea. Trump would LOVE to head up such a dictatorship, he already think that he is one.
    Senator Sanders sees that and is trying his best to put a halt to our current slide into fascism…and he is the ONLY candidate who can do it. Keep in mind he’s been around for years and has spent the last 25 years in Congress.

  4. Poor Rubio, diddy widdums, did some woman once laugh at your sexual technique or the size of your penis. You are a despicable human without any empathy or knowledge. Get Lost.

  5. We already have a very good abortion law:

    If you you think they are immoral, unethical, against your God’s edicts, or don’t agree with them for any reason; you are free to not have one.

    Most of these overly fervent fundamentalist Christians (especially many reprehensible pseudo-religious GOP politicians) are pro birth but anti-life. They love unborn goo but then vote against real children having enough food and a good education.

  6. The fact is that abortion has always existed as long as there have been women. The difference is that women do not die during them anymore as they all too often did in the past. Women should not have to put her life at risk so some jackass can feel good about his having a penis and not a vagina.

  7. Mr. Rubio is going to start sweating profusely and fumbling for his water bottle once again, when he realizes that most acts of human conception, created by gawd, are also terminated by gawd, naturally. Oh the humanity!

  8. Regressive Republicans are only Pro-life when the child is in the womb but it ends once the child is born. Cutting funding for children and family, won’t consider common sense gun laws, trying to defund Planned Parenthood……the hypocrisy is overwhelming.

  9. I approve of legalized abortions because of my religion says that a spirit is immortal and therein, it cannot be killed. But I am sure that the likes of Marco Rubio would not approve of my religion either and would have me killed, instantly if he could get away with it. He already has announced his crusade against abortion around the world. I bet that it will be a crusade against every religion not of his liking. The one factor that is reassuring in this whole pathetic thing is that the people Marco Rubio has to kill in order to fulfil his belief system far outnumber religious fascists like him in this country as well as around the world.

  10. So what about the right for Children to live after being born, we don’t have single payer health care so they can be taken care of, how about having the right to a job so they can feed themselves when they are old enough to work, how about a right to a life so they don’t have to work more than 40 hours a week but make enough to live on and raise a family, How about veterans having a right to life after they get back from war and not end up homeless and forgotten about? How about all the people we bomb who are innocent over in the middle east? How about the right for gay people to live their life and not get persecuted because of how they were born? I could go on and on but what is the use, most of these people are not pro life, they are pro birth.

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