Melania Gets Slammed For Claiming She Cares About The Well-Being Of All Children

First Lady Melania Trump wants us to believe that she’s a virtuous person who cares about issues such as cyber bullying and children’s welfare, and yet she refuses to call her husband out for being a Twitter boor or criticize the administration’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents and placing them in cages.

So a photo-op Mrs. Trump did recently at the White House left a bad taste in lots of mouths when the First Lady tweeted out support of an executive order dealing with children in foster care:

Sounds good, but coming from this particular First Lady at this particular moment in time, it seems more than tad bit absurd, hypocritical, and downright ridiculous.

Fortunately, Twitter users weren’t shy about letting Melania know exactly how they felt about her empty gesture:

If Melania wants to really be helpful, she should go to the White House bunker with her husband and stay there until after the election.

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