Trump Dancing To ‘YMCA’ Will Make You Laugh, Cringe, And Throw Up In Your Mouth A Little

Bless his non-existent heart, Donald Trump absolutely loves his superspreader campaign rallies. They’re one of the few places he can bathe in the adoration of his braindead supporters while also pretending to know what the hell he’s talking about, even though he doesn’t. And, as an added benefit, he can also enjoy the thought that some in the crowd are willing to die for him, because they may well contract coronavirus and die. For you so loved the Donald that you gave your life for him.

Thursday evening, Trump was in Jacksonville, Florida, where he lied for nearly 90 minutes, spending much of his time attacking Joe Biden, according to Mediaite:

“It also featured Vox’s Aaron Rupar tweeting out a thread of clips featuring those riffs, including one about the practice of calling a ‘lid’ — when reporters are informed that there will be no further news opportunities from a candidate on a given day. Trump claimed never to have heard of ‘calling a lid.'”

But it was what happened at the end of the Jacksonville rally that will make you wish you had some way to erase your memory, because Donnie also danced:

“President Donald Trump was in high spirits by the end of his Jacksonville rally Thursday night, dancing around the stage and drinking in the screams and air-kisses of maskless supporters just a few feet away.”

Wait. He what? He danced? Oh no. That can’t be good.

It isn’t, but you have to see it to believe it:

Even more ironic is the fact that Trump is dancing to “YMCA” from the Village People, a gay anthem that celebrates watching guys work out and then heading to the showers for some post-workout fun.

How pathetic can one man be? Trump clearly has zero rhythm, looks ridiculous, and should never ever dance in public.

If the Biden campaign wants to really get Trump’s goat, all they have to do is cut a 30-second ad with Donald dancing as the death toll from COVID-19  continues to rise.

But for now, we’ll all just have to watch the video, laugh, and try not to lose the contents of our stomachs while we do so.

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