Melania May Be Ready To Divorce Donald And Collect Her $50 Million Prenup Payday

According to the Washington Post, the betting odds and jokes began shortly after it became clear that Joe Biden had soundly beaten Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential race:

“Bookies started taking bets on Election Day as gamblers considered a question on many people’s minds: Will Melania Trump dump her husband when he is no longer president?

Soon after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election, Jimmy Kimmel even made a spoof of ‘The Bachelorette.’ In it, a woman steps out of a limo to meet a roomful of nervous suitors. The camera pans from her stiletto heel, up her sparkly gown, to her familiar face — it’s Melania Trump! (Her head superimposed on the body of the actual Bachelorette.)”

But if Melania does give Donald the boot, what does she stand to gain? According to reports, the prenuptial agreement she signed shortly after the 2016 election would guarantee her a $50 million payout:

“The couple had a ‘transactional marriage’ and things are so bad that they do not even sleep with each other in the White House, a former friend and adviser had alleged in a new book. It is stated that Melania renegotiated her prenuptial agreement ahead of joining her husband in Washington and last year a divorce lawyer had given an estimate that she might get over $50 million, which is far more than what Trump’s first two wives received.”

So consider what’s possibly facing Donald Trump shortly after the first of next year:

  • He’ll no longer be president, meaning he loses all legal protections he currently has a head of state
  • Banks are going to be demanding repayment of loans and start seizing Trump’s assets if he can’t make the loan payments
  • Various jurisdictions in New York and other states will begin unsealing indictments and charging Donald and members of his family with crimes that range from insurance fraud to money laundering
  • His wife will take him to the cleaners to the tune of a cool $50 million and he’ll likely lose most contact with the couple’s son, Barron

In other words, things are about to get incredibly hellish for Donald Trump. But considering all the evil it’s alleged he’s done, he deserves the karmic payback that’s headed his way.

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