Ivanka Gets Supremely Mocked After Announcing She’s Joined The Parler Social Media Platform

You’ve probably heard of Parler. It’s a social network that’s become popular with conservatives who feel that Twitter and Facebook are biased against their political views. In other words, it’s a “safe space” for right-wingers to attack people they disagree with in the most disgusting ways possible without having to worry about having their posts flagged or accounts deleted.

It turns out that Ivanka Trump has now joined Parler, and she announced she had opened an account there (ironically) on her Twitter page,

As Newsweek notes, Parler is billing itself as a “community town square,” and the company’s CEO, John Matze has even said that he welcomes users with extreme opinions:

“When you go out in public people say crazy things all the time, everybody has opinions and some of them might not be the norm.

“But it’s not against the law to have those opinions. It’s not against the law to express yourself. And if you like one political candidate or another, or you believe or don’t believe in climate change, you shouldn’t be taken offline because of it.”

No doubt some on the right will revel in the news that Ivanka is now on Parler. But a lot of Twitter users made sure to heap mockery and scorn on Grifter Barbie:

Sorry, Vanky, but the vast majority of us have never liked you. And we’re sure as hell not going to like you now that you’ve decided to go full Nazi just to curry favor with deplorables who worship your daddy.

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