Melania Trump Gets Destroyed For Offering ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ To Coronavirus Victims

With the U.S. death toll from coronavirus now having surpassed 215,000, First Lady Melania Trump decided she’d take to Twitter and offer up “thoughts and prayers” to the victims. But based on the responses she received, she probably should have remained silent.

Here’s Melania’s tweet:

HuffPost notes that the “thoughts and prayers” line is the exact same language used by Republicans after mass shootings:

“The criticism of the tweet echoed that leveled at political leaders who often call for ‘thoughts and prayers’ following deadly mass shootings, but then fail to enact any meaningful gun control measures.”

Reaction to Melania’s tone-deaf posting was immediate:

It’s also instructive to recall that Melania has also been a proponent of preventing online bullying through her “Be Best” initiative, and yet she has never said a single word about her husband’s angry tweets and attacks on the media, his opponents, and anyone who dares to call him out for one of his endless lies.

If Melania Trump wants to prove her sincerity, she should be willing to put some action behind her empty words of comfort. Otherwise, she’s complicit in her husband’s disgusting actions.

2 thoughts on “Melania Trump Gets Destroyed For Offering ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ To Coronavirus Victims

  1. Oh please go take yourself and your fake prayer somewhere else Mitch and some of orange man’s crew would love to hear from you. they need your kind of Be Best drummed into them. Keep you sodden hands for the king of greed, How is your swanky top floor apartment doing these days hope you are praying for those wonderful low paid worker you exploit you and that gangster mob of a family like to abuse…..

    • The so-called King of Greed just donated his salary…AGAIN. He has never taken one dollar for salary. He doesn’t need it. AMAZING that this man has taken 24/7 abuse by lies and slander from the very beginning and does it for free. Trump is one of the greatest presidents of all time. Only Lincoln took more abuse in office. God Bless our President.

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