Miami Herald Columnist: Charleston Shooter ‘Doesn’t Look White’

Yes, we’ve all heard some ridiculous comments on Fox News since the tragic shooting and deaths of nine people in Charleston, South  Carolina, but a new low was hit Thursday by Miami Herald columnist A.J. Delgado, who had the nerve to post the following on her Twitter account:


Do you see what Delgado is trying to do? She, like so many on the right, thinks that if she can call into question Roof’s race, then it will partially obfuscate the fact that the crime was one of race, was a terrorist incident against black people, and allow her to cling to the belief that we live in a post-racial America where everyone is equal.

In other words, she wants to dump a big pile of bullcrap into the social media ether and try to pretend that nothing is as it seems. She wants to join the Fox News ninnies in their attempt to paint Dylann Roof’s actions as anti-Christian instead of anti-black.

I have one word to describe A.J. Delgado: Disgusting!

This empty-headed excuse of a human being also tweeted out this message later in the day:


You mean it doesn’t add up in your antiquated view of the world. Ms. Delgado? The world where all is well and no one white ever kills a black person for being black? If that’s the case, then perhaps you should join the rest of us here in the 21st century and face reality.

Not long after Delgado’s comments were posted and brought down a storm of controversy on her head, fellow moron and reality denier Michelle Malkin rushed to Delgado’s defense with this:

“Just caught up on the latest Twitter witch hunt. Hang in there @AJDelgado13 – This too shall pass.”

Yes, Michelle, all of the pain and mourning in America over this heinous crime will indeed pass, and we will heal as a country. But what will not pass is the fact that you and your fellow jerkweed A.J. Delgado will forever will be known as two of the most insensitive and unfeeling people to ever be placed upon the earth.

Personally, I think the Miami Herald should cut all ties with A.J. Delgado and never let her columns appear in their newspaper again. If you agree with me, here is the link where you can tell them exactly that:


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