Michigan Republicans Just Let Trump Know They Won’t Be A Part Of His Electoral Coup

Michigan Republican leaders agreed to meet with President Donald Trump at the White House today, but what they plan to tell him won’t make him happy, because they’ve rejected his plan to have them invalidate hundreds of thousands of votes cast in the state’s largest city, Detroit, so he can be named the winner.

Peter Alexander of NBC News is reporting:

“The lawmakers expected to meet with the president do expect President Trump will expect them to overturn the results in their state, on the basis of what the president suggests is fraud and irregularities, all of which are unproven to this point.

“According to this person familiar with the thinking of these lawmakers, they’re expected to push back on that, to tell the president that they will help pursue the necessary course and try to avoid the potential for fraud or irregularities in the future but that they will follow Michigan state law, which, Andrea, requires that the candidate who won the popular vote in that state, again, it’s President-Elect Joe Biden, would receive the state’s 16 electoral votes.”

Trump and his attorneys have been hinting that they wanted to see members of the Michigan GOP disqualify votes cast in Wayne County, throwing the state’s 16 electoral votes to the president. A similar strategy has been tried in Georgia and Pennsylvania, where the Trump team has also come up short when trying to steal the election from voters and have the president installed as some sort of king or dictator for life.

But the numbers don’t lie, and they show that Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 6 million ballots and the electoral vote by 74, as  Joe Biden won across the so-called “blue wall” in the Midwestern United States, carrying Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Those four states — along with Arizona and Georgia — gave Biden a resounding victory.

Donald Trump is a loser. He’s been a loser his entire life, and he doesn’t have the guts to admit that he lost to Biden. But come January 20 of next year, the current president will be out on his ass and likely in various courts, charged with all sorts of crimes.

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