Navy Names Ship After Gabby Giffords–Pro-Gun Trolls Then Slag Her All Over Facebook

A couple of days ago, Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords–an incredibly strong and brave person if ever I’ve seen one–was honored by the U.S. Navy by having a ship named after her.

At the dedication ceremony, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said:

“The christening of the future USS Gabrielle Giffords marks the beginning of what is certain to be a long life for this great ship. It is also a celebration of the skill and dedication of the men and women who have built LCS 10 and the courage of her namesake. This ship truly embodies the Navy motto of Semper Fortis — Always Courageous.”

Much like Giffords herself. I think most of us would agree that she was deserving of this high honor. But as you might expect, the pro-gun ammosexuals kicked it into high gear, heaping online scorn and derision upon this wonderful woman merely because she supports common sense in gun laws. Here are a few of their posts from Facebook:


On Giffords’ own Facebook page the hate-filled trolls showed up to slag her:


It makes me angry to see this level of hatred and disdain for those who disagree with a wonderful woman who has made a remarkable recovery after nearly being killed by a man with guns and ammunition he acquired far too easily, in my opinion.

I’m sure the gun nuts will come out in force when they read this, but I don’t care: Those of you who think anyone who doesn’t support you is your enemy and deserving of as much bile as you can pour out online are disgusting jackasses who need to look in the mirror and find the source of your real fear. Face it, Second Amendment absolutists: The majority of Americans are not with you on this one.

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