Social Media Rips Jeb Bush A New One For His Campaign Logo

Memo to the Jeb Bush campaign: You may think your logo is kind of cool, maybe even semi-hip in a strange way, but if you were counting on people actually liking it, you were sadly mistaken.

The big news out of the Bush campaign yesterday was, as you may know, the release of their Jeb! logo. When I first saw it, my reaction was this: That’s sorta cool, I guess. But then it hit me: He’s trying to obfuscate the fact that his last name is Bush. Considering the abysmal job his big brother did during his two terms on office, I can’t exactly blame him.

But the reaction to the logo on social media has been beyond what even I expected. Yes, I saw the intent of the campaign to minimize the Bush part of Jeb’s name, but check out some of what has been posted online in the past 24 hours:







Follow-up memo to the Bush campaign: You might want to pretend that logo never happened, because it’s not exactly helping.

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