NC GOP State Lawmaker Proposes Abortion Restrictions To ‘Have A Few More Little Taxpayers Born’

I’ve heard some incredibly callous and ignorant reasons for abortion restrictions in my life, but I do believe a Republican lawmaker in North Carolina has now taken the mantle reserved for the most asinine and thoughtless.

GOP state Representative Pat McElraft has co-sponsored a bill  in North Carolina which would triple the state’s 24-hour waiting period for abortions to 72 hours and would also prohibit doctors at the medical schools of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or East Carolina University from performing the procedure. Ms. McElraft, in defending the bill, said:

“We are multi-taskers here in the General Assembly. I am absolutely an advocate for jobs, but we can do lots of the things. And actually, when we can have a few more little taxpayers born, why not?”

Why not open your mouth a little wider and see if you can get both feet in there, Pat. One just doesn’t seem sufficient for a comment like that.

McElraft also used her own version of looney logic and claimed the new restrictions on a woman’s right to choose was just a move to reduce the number of procedures in the state, not restrict the right to an abortion. She said–with a straight face–that:

“There’s no effort here to try to restrict a woman’s right to have an abortion. What we’re trying to do is make her care competent.”

Well, in that case, who could possibly be opposed to that? Anyone with the sense God promised a billygoat.

Ms. McElraft wasn’t quite finished spouting out her dreck, however, and she proclaimed:

“There are opportunities for doctors to learn this. Abortion physicians learn from all kinds of training–spontaneous abortions or miscarriages. Sometimes, you learn how to act in an emergency situation.”

Melissa Reed, a vice president of public policy for Planned Parenthood, said the longer waiting period is:

“(An) arbitrary delay on a time sensitive procedure. (It ignores) the rigorous training doctors currently undergo for an outpatient procedure. In reality, these bills have nothing to do with patient safety and are just attempts by politicians to insert their own political agendas into medical care.”

In other words, exactly the same thing the Republican Party has been doing across the country for years. Yet the GOP has the nerve to say there is no war on women. Actions, however, speak louder than words.

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One thought on “NC GOP State Lawmaker Proposes Abortion Restrictions To ‘Have A Few More Little Taxpayers Born’

  1. if you break the wings off of the STORK no babies will be brought to your house?? Here in this country we have the same problem… Republican Lawmaker Sen. Todd Gardenhire said says It’s Harder To Get A Vasectomy Than An Abortion,,I dont see any groups of protesters in front of vasectomy clinics,,,,,
    THESE are the same idiots that tell you women can’t get pregnant from rape, Todd Akin, the GOP Senate nominee in Missouri, who claimed that women hardly ever get pregnant from “legitimate rape an Todd Akin’s ignorance about the female biology he obsesses over isn’t limited to speculation about rape. In 2005, he made a speech in the House where he basically argued that women are, quite literally, nothing but incubators. “Now an embryo may seem like some scientific or laboratory term, but in fact the embryo contains the unique information that defines a person,” he said. “All you add is food and climate control, and some time, and the embryo becomes you or me.”d Idaho representative Vito Barbieri asks if a woman can swallow a camera you can see what happens during an abortion if you want. Maybe we should shove a camera up his anus and get a brain scan???.what actually amazes me is that they actually find people dumber than they are to beleive it,,, one Republican candidate, Greg Brannon, really encapsulated this mentality by arguing that women seeking reproductive health care are “little girls [who] don’t understand what’s going on to their bodies.”
    Brannon’s advice for those “little girls” is that getting married is all they need:
    If you are against sex education then by default you are for sex IGNORANCE,,,,,,AND this is the results,,,,,,,,

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