New Court Filing From Trump’s Attorneys Shows They Expect He’ll Be Indicted BEFORE The Election

Even though we know there’s a grand jury already impaneled in Manhattan under the direction of the city’s district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., to investigate possible crimes by Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, it remains unclear how far along their deliberations are or whether they’ll be issuing indictments anytime soon.

But based on what attorneys for the president had to say in filings and arguments before a federal appeals court on Monday, it certainly sounds like the Trump team is convinced indictments will be handed down before the election, and that’s why they’re trying so hard to keep Vance’s grand jury from getting eight years of Trump’s tax returns, CNN reports:

In their filing Monday, Trump’s attorneys also warned that the President would suffer “irreparable harm” if the stay isn’t granted, arguing that “while destruction or return of documents can provide a ‘partial remedy’ for the ‘invasion of privacy,’ … the harm the President seeks to prevent is use of these records to engage in a bad-faith fishing expedition. The Court ‘cannot unring that bell’ even if the subpoena is eventually invalidated.”

Be sure and note the use of the words “irreparable harm” and “cannot unring that bell.” What does it matter if the grand jury gets the tax records or they leak after the election and Trump is reelected? At that point, any information the tax data provides would be little more than an embarrassment for him. But he’d still be president for another four years.

However, if the returns or details from them become part of the public record before the election, that could seal Trump’s fate and cause him to lose his dreams of a second term. And if the information is damaging enough and indictments are handed down against the president and/or his company, that could lead to calls within the GOP for him to resign in an last-ditch effort to mitigate Republican losses in November

On Tuesday, the appeals court held off on letting Vance have the tax returns at the moment, but scheduled another hearing on September 25, when they’ll make a final determination on the matter. And if, as expected, they order the returns released (in accord with a July ruling from the Supreme Court), indictments could possibly be issued out of Manhattan before November.

One thing’s for sure: When even your attorneys admit they’re worried, you know things aren’t going well.

One thought on “New Court Filing From Trump’s Attorneys Shows They Expect He’ll Be Indicted BEFORE The Election

  1. There have been so many misleading promises with all those:
    (“maybes, possibilities, promises, perhaps may happen IFs’ )
    Statements given that create hope for the truth only to be dashed by those we believed in.. Like Rod Rosenstein who sold himself to the devil before our eyes.
    He managed to handcuff greater men and women from finding the truth while hiding the true facts from discovery..
    It has become so tortuous good people have become untrusting of the courts the law and the honor of those that sit in the seat of power only to be shown so many holes in the laws and legal system it is difficult to have faith hope and the charity to believe in Justice for the people.
    How can we continue to believe in the rule of law when there are so many determined to destroy the very fabric it is made from?
    These very people are supporting the criminal family by their very souls.
    Watching trump and his organisation looking at ways to exonerate a murder because he is a fan of his?? Is this the kind of leadership we are to be threatened with in the free and decent world?
    I believe in Truth and Power of the Peoples Laws Not a self serving man without integrity or any lamp to lead a country.
    Like the illegitimate POTUS in that seat of power right now.
    These facts from this fraud investigation, are paramount to the truth that was denied so many times by the corruption and Chaos of trumps reign of horror. Urgency required stop the hold ups….

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