New Documentary Explores Trump’s Many Connections To Organized Crime

For decades, there have been rumors that Donald Trump has or once had connections to the mafia in New York, especially since he was involved in high-stakes real estate and large portions of the construction industry in the Empire State are believed to be wholly or partially controlled by organized crime.

A new Netflix docuseries, Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia, takes a close look at the mafia and Trump, and what it reveals certainly suggests that the president must have had some interactions with the New York mafia over the years, The Daily Beast notes:

“The current commander-in-chief factors into the final episode of director Sam Hobkinson’s three-part Netflix miniseries , since his Fifth Avenue Trump Tower was one of countless projects the mafia had a hand in completing. ‘So I told him that there’s jobs in here that did count, like Trump. Nineteen million,’ says a gangster on a federal wiretap recording, thereby directly linking the future president to the shady mobsters who governed New York’s concrete and cement unions (and businesses). These crooks regulated which of eight chosen firms would get contracts and, in the process, kickback points from the gigs to their criminal superiors. As Fear City makes clear in just a few short minutes, anyone like Trump, who was knee-deep in the real estate scene, was invariably a bedfellow (either directly or indirectly) with the mafia.”

Keep in mind that for many years Trump also kept notorious mob-connected attorney Roy Cohn on retainer. Cohn often represented members of organized crime and made a powerful impression on Trump, according to The Washington Post:

“’Roy had a whole crazy deal going, but Roy was a really smart guy who liked me and did a great job for me on different things,’ Trump recently told The Washington Post. ‘And he was a tough lawyer, and that’s what I wanted. Roy was a very tough guy.'”

Tough. That’s what Trump respects: Toughness and the willingness to anything necessary to get what you want.

The Wall Street Journal also took a look at Trump’s possible ties to organized crime back in 2016. The following video reveals what their investigation found:

Though we may never know exactly how deep Trump’s connections to organized crime go, it’s safe to assume that he’s had more than casual dealings with contractors and others in the construction industry who were financed and/or controlled by the mafia. Which raises a larger question: Do those connections continue to hold sway over Donald Trump?

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  1. ZEMBLA exposed this corrupt, mafia-like crime organization BEFORE he was elected. It just wasn’t seen by enough people.

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