Nutbag Pastor Of Hate Says Girl Scout Leaders Should Be Killed For ‘Promoting Homosexuality’

Perhaps you’ve heard of Kevin Swanson, the hate-filled minister of doom and gloom who has said on numerous occasions that homosexuals are deserving of death because the Bible says so. Now this same gigantic bag of intestinal gas and human excrement is saying that the leaders of the Girl Scouts need to be killed because they too are promoting the gay lifestyle.

On his radio show (this guy deserves to have his own radio show?!), Swanson proclaimed that the Girl Scouts, because they now allow gay scout leaders and gay scouts, are “promoting homosexuality.” He also said he was just following the teachings of Jesus:

“You’ve got to take what He (Jesus) says and you have to apply it.”

As anyone who has read the Bible knows, Jesus never actually commented on the matter of homosexuality. Not once. The Apostle Paul did, but Paul was not Jesus. Jesus, it should be noted, said you should treat others as you wish to be treated and love even your enemies. But Swanson can’t make any money with that message, so he has to belch out hate instead.

And Swanson has also said this at a religious conference he held and which was attended by none other than Texas Senator and 2016 GOP contender Ted Cruz:

“There are instances in which both the Old and New Testament speak to the matter with unbelievable clarity. There’s not to be any debate about it. You know what that sin is – it’s the sin of homosexuality.

“In fact in Romans 1 Paul affirms that this particular sin is worthy of death. The Old and New Testament, I believe both speak with authority and we outta receive it.”

Is that right? Well, thankfully we don’t run this country by the Bible. We run it based on the Constitution, and that means that Swanson needs to pack his bags and move to a country where his radical beliefs on the enforcement of religious law can be meted out with pain and death. May I suggest Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or any area currently under the control of ISIS? I’ll even contribute to help pay for his plane fare.

One thought on “Nutbag Pastor Of Hate Says Girl Scout Leaders Should Be Killed For ‘Promoting Homosexuality’

  1. Maybe the Girl Scouts need to stopping using to God and my country. So tired of these right wing nut bags

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