Republicans Are No Longer Returning Donald Trump’s Phone Calls

Even though he’s vowed not to concede the 2020 election to Joe Biden, President Donald Trump must have a sneaking feeling that he’s becoming more and more irrelevant with each passing hour.

For example, there was once a time when Trump could call anyone he wanted and be assured they would either answer or call him back in prompt fashion.

Now, however, Jon Cooper, former Majority Leader of the Suffolk County (NY) legislature, says sources are telling him that almost no one is returning the president’s calls:

Also, fewer and fewer Republicans are going on right-wing media to defend Trump and join him in his calls to stop counting votes in the six states where the election hasn’t yet been called.

Imagine it: You were once the most powerful man in the world, and now people are dodging you when you try to call and commiserate with them. That must be incredibly emasculating.

Here’s some of the reactions to Cooper’s tweet, with many noting that the GOP no longer has any use for Trump because he can’t do anything for them:

We can stop calling Trump “president” now and refer to him by his real title: A failed, one-term impeached little man who may well be headed to prison.

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