Republicans In Panic Mode After Report That Trump’s Campaign May Be Broke

Something very strange is going on inside the Trump reelection campaign, and it involves money or a lack thereof.

According to the New York Times, Republicans are increasingly worried that the president’s 2020 campaign may be broke, and they’re basing that fear on the fact that there’s almost no television advertising being run in key battleground states with less than 60 days before the election:

“His campaign also appears to be facing a significant financial crunch and has largely ceased advertising on television even as Mr. Biden begins to spend heavily from his war chest after raising about $365 million in August.

“The Trump campaign is expected to increase television spending next week, but several Republicans said that Bill Stepien, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager since July, was taking a cautious approach after the former leadership spent huge sums on television and digital ads earlier this year, to no discernible effect. The light television spending and advertising blackouts in some key states have mystified allies, raising questions about how much cash the campaign has in the bank.”

How’s that for irony? Donald Trump, who has filed for bankruptcy multiple times, lies about his net worth, and refuses to release his taxes, may be out of money to run his campaign.

Top allies of the White House are especially worried about states in the Midwest which were a big part of Trump’s surprise 2016 victory in the Electoral College:

“Allies of Mr. Trump believe there is virtually no chance that he can win the popular vote, and they have seen some states on his victorious 2016 map shift markedly away from them. They are particularly pessimistic about Michigan, which Mr. Trump narrowly won four years ago, and are looking to flip Nevada, which has many white voters without college degrees, and especially Minnesota, the state he lost by the closest margin four years ago and the site of weeks of unrest following the police killing of George Floyd.”

If indeed Trump’s campaign is low on funds or flat broke, his chance of winning is almost impossible. Unless, of course, he gets a sudden infusion of cash, maybe from a mysterious donor in Russia or Saudi Arabia. When you’re dealing with a gangster masquerading as a president, anything is possible.

One thought on “Republicans In Panic Mode After Report That Trump’s Campaign May Be Broke

  1. I think his base is QAnon and various extreme right groups that don’t trust TV anymore than the government. They have a large and flourishing campaign running on social media outlets, including paying off many religious voices to spread garbage about Biden.

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