REVEALED: Mueller Has The Trump Campaign’s 2016 Social Media Dirty Tricks Manual

All during the 2016 campaign, it seemed that the Trump team was constantly one step ahead of its competitors, as if they had a secret strategy for dealing with every eventuality and how to best attack their opponents.

As it turns out, that overall strategy was formulated in part by an Israeli intelligence firm, which came up with a slick PowerPoint presentation in which they bragged about how they helped manipulate social media in order to benefit Trump.

That entire manual of dirty tricks is now in the possession of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, the report included topics such as:

  • Fake news sites
  • “Avatar seeding”

The manual was never supposed to see the light of day and contains warnings on it that read, “Confidential” and “Do Not Circulate.”

Here’s a page from the manual:

This report is quite literally the keys to the kingdom for Mueller. It provides him with a detailed blueprint for exactly how Trump and his co-conspirators used Facebook and other social media sites to drive the debate and attack their opponents. It also proves that Trump had assistance from foreign entities, which is in direct violation of federal election law.

Earlier today during an appearance on CNN, Rudy Giuliani, attempting to defend Trump against the growing allegations of wrongdoing that are swirling around the Oval Office, was asked by host Dana Bash:

“You are confident that there is no collusion?”

Giuliani replied:

“I can’t be confident. Am I confident because I was in that campaign at a very intimate level? Nobody talked about or knew about Russians. This came as a surprise to me and to the president. You go out to the outer orbit, how do I know what is going on? I don’t think that would matter.”

That’s the new “defense” being offered by the White House: If there was a conspiracy with Russia to get Trump elected, he knew nothing about it. How’s that for a move of desperation? It sounds like even the Trump faithful know the end is near.

Robert Mueller has all of the evidence, and now we know he even has the playbook used by Trump and his campaign in order to help assure he was elected.

The Russia investigation just became a slam dunk for Mueller.

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