Rising GOP Star Calls Hillary Clinton And Elizabeth Warren ‘Old, Rich, White Males’

There have been some hilarious–and frightening–moments at this year’s CPAC meeting, which is meant to highlight the best and brightest of the conservative wing of the Republican party. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker claimed he could fight ISIS because he had taken on unions in his state. Chris Christie repeated his infamous “Sit down and shut up!” line. And Jeb Bush was booed heartily at times.

But leave it to the GOP circus organizers to save the best for last, which in this case took the form of Tomi Lahren, a so-called TV host from South Dakota. Quite unaware that she was being used by Republicans as eye candy for the guys in the audience, Ms. Lahren got up and said not all young women are Democrats. And not all Republicans, she continued, are “old, rich, white males.” Once she got cranked up, Lahren decided to take a swing at every stereotype she could:

“Let’s see, one: Old. Well, I’m 22 years old. And rich, which almost makes me laugh out loud. I grew up in South Dakota, so that’s smack dab in the middle class in middle America. And white? OK, you got me there. But unlike my friends on the left, I’m not going to stand up here and apologize for being white, because I am what I am, and I’m sorry, you can keep your white guilt. And lastly, male. Hm. The so-called ‘War on Women’ is somewhat problematic for someone like me, because last time I checked I don’t hate myself and I’m not at war with myself. Ladies, can we agree on that? Anyone?”

Not having suitably embarrassed herself enough, Lahren then decided to dig her hole of ignorance a bit deeper and wallow around in it:

“See, women like Sandra Fluke will have you believe the only way to be pro-woman is to lobby for free birth control. But, sorry, hun, I’m a Republican, and I can take care of myself. And besides that, I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want the government anywhere near my body or my health choices, because have any of you seen how Obamacare or ‘healthcare dot dud’ has been working out?”

Keep in mind, this is one the rising stars of the GOP! They placed her at the podium in a prime speaking opportunity. They wanted people to see and hear her. And with her last act of desperation, Lahren self-immolated with this zinger-turned-moment of cluelessness:

“So, I think we’ve gone through this: Old, rich, white males. I want to remind you, let’s look at the top three Democrats for 2016. You’ve got Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden? Old, rich, white, and if the pantsuit fits, male too?”

Yes, Tomi Lahren is indeed the perfect representative of a party that has no direction, no policies, and no future. Instead, they have talking points, pathetic one-liners, and some blond-haired eye candy that will either be on Fox News within six months or attempting to run for Congress.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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