Robert Mueller’s Next Move Is Guaranteed To ROCK Washington To Its Foundations

The question gets asked just about every day: When will Special Counsel Robert Mueller take the next steps which will tell us the end might be near for Donald Trump and the cabal of collaborators who may well have committed treason during the 2016 presidential campaign?

It’s been over a year since former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pled guilty to a charge of lying to the FBI and began cooperating with Mueller’s team of investigators. We also know that Flynn made that agreement with Mueller in exchange for providing information which will implicate someone higher up in the scandal who hasn’t yet been publicly named in an indictment.

It also seems fair to speculate that the figures most likely to be next as Mueller moves in are Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, or Mike Pence. They’re the only “big fish” left that haven’t either been indicted or reached a plea agreement with the special counsel. Then again, there could be an as-yet-unsealed indictment with Donald Trump’s name on it, too.

All of this leads to the next question: When will it all happen? When do we get to see more people reporting to court with their attorneys and facing a federal judge to enter their plea? If you’re like me, it cannot come soon enough. But the delay may actually be good news in the long run. How so? Consider:

  • Mueller is looking to cut a deal with one of the four individuals named above. Any of them can put him even closer to busting the president.
  • Trump is the ultimate goal, and any case that’s to be made against him will have to be airtight, with every “i” dotted and “t” crossed. A good prosecutor doesn’t show his hand until he knows he’s holding the aces.
  • With each day of waiting, Trump gets more frantic, more nervous, and proves his own guilt. It’s got to be slow torture for him, and it increases the probability that he’ll incriminate himself on Twitter or during an interview.

When Mueller does make his next move, you can count on one thing: It will shake Washington to its foundations and let us all know the beginning of the end is near for the Trump administration.

10 thoughts on “Robert Mueller’s Next Move Is Guaranteed To ROCK Washington To Its Foundations

  1. This is a slow painful and exhausting time for America! What troubles me is what Trump will do to us and the WORLD before they drag him out of the Whitehouse!!

  2. ~ Trump is now “not rich” enough to ever buy back his past. ~ Trump is going to begin too feel that “Flop Sweat” on the back of his neck, as Robert Mueller gets closer to him with the “Russian Investigation”. ~ Trump has always been very acquainted with “GREED”, but now he will really get to know his new best friend named “FEAR”, once Robert Mueller gets done with him and Mueller will reward our patience and pay us off in “SPADES”. ~

  3. I feel this government needs a lot of repair. Too much criminal activity for too long. Even before Trump, who’s been the absolute worst President ever. McConnell and Ryan and others have too. Looking forward to a knew group of people taking over who are better. Thank you Mr. Mueller for all you have done. So grateful to you!!!!

  4. I commend Mr Mueller for his persistence and insight in this tragedy of America. I know the longer he takes, the more he can nail these traitors. I just hope I live through the fear I feel that our country will never be the same. I am in hope that he takes them all out including a good portion of the Congress for their involvement in receiving illegal money from foreign sources. I think that the NRA has bought the RNC with illegal money. Please help us elderly people to not live in fear. Thank you for your excellent service Mr Mueller.

  5. Thank you Mr Mueller for your hard work in this process. I pray for you & your team daily. In light of the Kavanaugh situation, I’m beginning to wonder about the fate of America. Please be thorough but also bear in mind that democracy is being threatened.
    Thanks in advance & be blessed.

  6. I hate to say this, but Donald Trump will pardon everyone in this investigation (including himself), and nothing will happen to him. Now that Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, he will let Donald Trump Pardon everyone of both Federal and State crimes. In this month of October there is a case coming up to the supreme court that with Kavanaugh’s vote that will let him pardon anyone!!!!!! VOTE BLUE ON NOV. 6, 2018.

  7. Thank you so very much Mr. Mueller for a job well done. As my late mother always told me:
    If yo don’t want it to be known, just don’t do it! Everything comes to the light of the sun
    sooner or later. Thank you so much for your diligence, grateful for the few folks left
    with the integrity you possess. God bless you and may God bless America!

  8. I agree with one of the other comments. I pray that Donald Trump is locked up before he gets a chance to hurt America anymore than he already has. Im afraid that he is the type of person that would rather take us all out before he goes down.

  9. What Glenn and Margaret have said is true and worrying. Trump does not care about the people of America, it’s all about his ego and being ‘in control’ of everything. I would have that button well and truly deactivated some time before he is hauled away as he would start a world war just for the fun of it. That’s what happens when a person like him is in that position of power. I hope the USA can recover and become the country it once was.

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