Up Next For Sean Hannity: Obstruction Of Justice Charges

Fox News host Sean Hannity is in quite a mess thanks to his friendship with Donald Trump and Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

When we learned this week that Hannity was a client of Cohen’s, Hannity tried his best to make it sound like the information was no big deal:

As you would expect, Fox News says they stand behind Hannity completely, despite the fact that he railed against the raid on Cohen’s office last week without bothering to disclose that he had retained Cohen for his legal services.

But the real problem for Hannity has nothing to do with his complete lack of objectivity, honesty, or his abiding commitment to the most ridiculous conspiracy theories this side of Alex Jones and InfoWars.

Here’s why Hannity should be worried: He now has legal exposure on a very serious criminal matter, obstruction of justice. How can that be? Well, consider this:

Knowing those basic facts, Michael Avenatti, who represents Stormy Daniels, suggested that both Cohen and Hannity could be in for a world of hurt from federal prosecutors in New York.

If it can be proven that Trump used Cohen as a go-between to coordinate messaging with Hannity on the various scandals that threaten to consume the White House — the Russia probe, payoffs to women, etc. — that makes Hannity a co-conspirator in an attempt to obstruct justice. And that carries a penalty of five years in federal prison.

At some point, Hannity may be faced with a very painful choice: Turn on his political savior, Donald Trump, or get ready to wear an orange jumpsuit for 60 months.

It’s called karma, and it’s about to take a nasty bite out of Sean Hannity.

Here’s Avenatti on MSNBC Monday evening:



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