SC Man Wants To Remove African-American Monument If Confederate Flag Is Taken Down

Keith Harmon swears he’s not the least bit racist or bigoted, but when you hear what he’s proposed for the state of South Carolina, you may not believe a word he says.

Harmon, you see, has begun a petition which calls for the state to remove its African-American monument if the state takes down the Confederate flag from the capitol in Columbia.

But hey, he’s not a racist.

Harmon says he doesn’t agree with what admitted murderer Dylann Roof did last week when he committed an act of domestic terrorism which left nine people dead, but he says that horrendous murder spree:

“Has nothing to do with the flag, nothing at all.”

I guess Mr. Harmon didn’t see all those photos that Roof took prior to snuffing out nine innocent lives in Charleston. Photos in which the Confederate flag was prominently featured. That, or he’s just choosing to be willfully ignorant.

But Harmon, like so many idiotic defenders of all things Confederate, says the flag has special significance for him:

“My great, great, great grandfather and ancestors fought in this war for this state.”

And my ancestors came to America to escape the Great Potato Famine, but that doesn’t mean I feel the need to fly a flag with a baked spud on it.

Harmon added:

“The African-American Monument was put there in 2001 as a compromise in 2000 for the Confederate flag to be moved off the dome.”

Times and circumstances change, Mr. Harmon. And the time has come for this symbol of hate and defiance to be erased from government buildings across the United States. We are all American, and we are represented by one flag: the American flag. If you want to prove your own personal ignorance by flying the Confederate stars and bars on your private property, then so be it.

At least that way we will be able to spot you and the other Neanderthals from a distance.

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