Social Activist To Bill O’Reilly: Quit Demonizing Black Men As ‘Moral Monsters’ (Video)

Bill O’Reilly is right about everything, at least in his own twisted mind. But on Monday, Michael Meyers, a New York City social activist, told O’Reilly in no uncertain terms that he and his biased “news” network at Fox are a big part of the problem when it comes to race relations in America.

Myers, head of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, said to O’Reilly:

“You are painting black men as society’s moral monsters. Quit it. Quit it.”

O’Reilly, as you would expect, denied the accusation to the hilt, remarking:

“I’m not doing that, and I’m going to continue to report the truth.”

The truth?! Bill O’Reilly and the gang at Fox News wouldn’t recognize the truth if it walked up to them, slapped them in the face, peed on their shoes, and then bit them on the butt. To quote Jack Nicholson in the film A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth!”

O’Reilly then tried to regain control of the debate with this statement:

“You have to look at the statistics of people committing anti-social acts and find out where these acts are occurring and why they’re occurring.”

And again Myers used simple and undeniable fact to shut down O’Reilly’s line of so-called reasoning:

“Statistics aside, we know that crime has been out of control in America. The majority of crimes in America are committed by white people, not black people.”

He’s right, of course. The majority of crime in the United States is indeed committed by white people, but you can’t expect O’Reilly to ever admit that. Myers then hit the Fox host with this:

“You and others on Fox News keep talking about ‘black people’ and ‘black violence.’ The problem with ‘black-on-black violence’ is, it’s racial rhetoric. Black people are not going after black people because they’re black. They are ‘killing each other’ because they live in the same segregated neighborhoods.”

Now that he’s been schooled on the issue of race and crime, I guess O’Reilly will go back to blaming rap music and Beyonce for all of society’s ills.

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